Even just a simple word or sincere text encompasses the feeling of a music provider such as wedding musicians who feel the need of recognizing what are due them. The fun of sharing beautiful music as adding comfort for people who seek for a certain lullaby even to the extent of drowsing is consolation. It signals realization that appreciation is inherent and the need to accept the truth gathers the idea that all artists, especially a musician deserves accolade in any manner possible.


The wedding arena is an easy spot to deliver what is inherent from an artist of involving oneself to the reality of wonder. Why do we keep the music playing but to entertain and just a mere applause timidly done is enough to say, "you are good, man!" That is considered. An artist of any genre is sensitive and the passion still creeps to share something of the beautiful. Maybe, it is more than the price of money. It is a gift from God worth sharing and why are we here for in this vast universe but to contribute. Music is our contribution - beautifully romantized piece that speaks the language of the soul. It really matters that a music of all time is perfectly instilled in one's imagination. It is a sort of educating someone whose ears are far beyond recognizing wonderful melody.


A musician is a story teller. A singer impacts the message. They work hand in hand in crafting the magic of passionate performance not just to expose dullity. Intelligence is needed to make a musician feels to truly understands that not all appreciates. It is easy to say that I enjoy your lyrical interpretation of a song or your mastery of music but how is it meant for? All are artists and pretending being  mesmerized is doubtful. Critics always find the bad side of a person's point of rising. I mean, his elevation to greatness because a critic wants to capture such gift. He wants the easy way to destroy. He is a jealous artist. He craves to win to the expense of dealing with the bad side of nature, instead of enjoying the heartfelt share of a truly bloodied musician.


The world turns dull and dreary when beauty is diminished. A music unexplored dims the side of the universe making only the droplets of rain as added sound around. But it doesn't compete with what is considered as melody. The harmony of sound gathered in a manner of speaking is rare but to listen to it is the hard part. It comes from one's soul. It explains why we want to enjoy life. It connects to the craving for what is true and beautiful. And when felt, it is an awakening.  


Each has its own way of a dealing. Even just a song intended to be heard when done rightly is a sign of release. What more with those whose passion for something is immersed. It is such delight feeling the obligation of tending the roots of upcoming artistry that surprises. Wedding musicians exemplify the true care of what music is all about. The magic of melody sensitizes the angry heart. It elevates sanity. It creates a space of believing that anybody can create magic in the air. Are we not magicians in our own right?


Truly, there is nothing unpleasant in a song even performed hazardously, to say harsh. Still, the message injects hurt, perhaps. Pain from desolated soul, too. What is considered is trying something else. Maybe a love song plays trust. It might ring in your ears a real romance and awakes the artist in you. We are all sparrows in the field trying to find  a niche. Maybe someday I'll hit the right cord to meet the standard of a world class Filipino artist. Or greater.


The field of wedding music is a great ground to be in. It explains your side of profession not just sharing real entertainment. True, when professional rendition is put then you are defined as remarkable but how long can you sustain your class act to the best it can be? Just enjoy your time living the life of musical invasion. That way, it zeroes you to the pedestal of wanted musicians. And for how long decides what your intentions are in coming. Wedding music, wedding songs, classical music interpretation, solemn live music are great parts of a show. Be proud being a wedding musician. And I am.





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