A MUSIC & EVENTS -Augustine Music and Events- (Entertainment and Events Bureau) 09173520410 mariolupato@yahoo.com http://augustinemusic.yolasite.com http://www.augustinemusic.wordpress.com

Professionally trained musicians for all events and dedicated group to attend to all wedding needs, corporate event, funerals, birthdays, anniversaries, ballroom, concerts - small or big with the same ardor of passion required for commendable performance.

As Filipino musicians, they provide best music and songs the best they can especially weddings. As wedding musicians in Manila, Philippines, they promise the quality it needs.

Quintet – Keyboard, Violin, Flute, Bass and Vocal (Powerful Group Combination as a Mini Orchestra)   

String Quartet - Piano, Violin 1, Violin 2, Bass with free Vocals (High-level Performance)  

Standard Quartet - Piano, Violin, Bass and Vocals (Versatile Performance)  

Romantic Trio - Piano, Violin and Vocals (Evokes love and romance through music)  

Jazz Trio - Piano, Bass and Vocals (Exudes Soul Music)  

Intimate Duo - Piano and Vocal/Violin (Relaxed Casual Performance)  

Classical Musicians (Provide Highest Form of Music Portrayal from Selected Classics)  

Funeral Musicians (Make the moment heavenly special with proper music)  

PROFESSIONAL WEDDING EMCEE - directs a smooth sailing program flow

PROFESSIONAL WEDDING SINGER - performs significant songs for an event  

Wedding Event Management - Four Coordinators with Program Host (Make Wedding Stress-Free from Professionals)  

SOUND SYSTEM - adds music continuity


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