A Music and Events (Augustine Music and Events) reveals what ardor is and music is like second skin that imposes members to make use of the gift not only for moola but share it. The best the group does heads the members back to honesty that here, A Music and Events stays and spread premier music possible.


Weddings and other events in Manila keep the group in foot. The episode of performances happens and they are around not to tell that we eclipse others for events. No, what comes is given and we don’t complain. When it’s there, we have fun and enjoy the music that we do. A Music and Events only think of sharing joy to guests in any event we are engaged in.


A Music and Events maintain a small group of five. A keyboardist, Violinist, Bassist, Flutist and Vocalist and that for us is an equivalent of an orchestra given the freedom to do the music we love doing. Still, client’s music request is followed to the T.  Also, we hand suggestions when we feel unsuitable for a part especially during the ceremony where there are do’s and don’ts. The reception part is safe to do all what needs. But A Music and Events holds bar only what fits. The people around is our concern. We want to fill their ears with sweetest melody, soulful interpretation and expressive recall of our music portrayal.


Wedding musicians in the Philippines head the value of the need and staying power is a hope every Filipino musician strives. Sadly, the elder members no matter how brilliant fade and younger musicians hardly hit the ground and wait for more years to be found and fade, too. Acceptance is revered and that puts a smile on an artist’s visage.

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