Classical Music


Weddings in the Philippines are still personal in nature with sentiments involved but when it comes to wedding music more go for the beautiful tones of classical music fit for an awesome ceremony with the rendition of gifted string quartet passionate enough to let serious music stay.


Classical music started in the year 1896 and was notated by serious composers having in their minds pieces that would last a long time and because of their complexity they are written down for serious performance. The piano or keyboard and the violin comprise the major instruments to create rich tone complimented with a wind instrument and a bass sound required to have a fuller tone.


This form has an emotional content and intellectual interpretation of the piece is presented and make use of musical development where musical idea or motif are repeated in contexts or in altered forms that of a sonata or symphony. It employs rigorous form of musical development that progresses with delicate tempo to maintain an interpretative texture with subtle musical variants.


Serious classical musicians attain their high technical achievement through laborious music studies and consider the importance of tonal and harmonic principles and the mastery of sight reading a music score plus performance practice which is often. That is a classic know-how.


Classical repertoire exhibits artistry through the use of themes, phrasing, harmonization, modulation and the texture of the musical form itself to give justice to the piece for greater appreciation.


It has been said that classical music is for the upper class society while the middle working class does not appreciate the art is a fallacy. Classical music is favorably chosen for backgrounds in movies or films and great concerts are staged by popular world class opera singers and musicians and they are sell-outs. General society is long time educated not only in the arena of pop culture but the classics which will stay forever.


It is a recommendation not only for cultural shows but weddings especially here in the Philippines where music is given much consideration. When the bride walks the aisle, a traditional wedding march music is normally a classical score to create a certain drama – the like of Pachelbel and Mendellsohn music and many others. It gives you a certain feel listening to such music as classical wedding musicians fade it out then silence. 

Listening To Classical Music

Classical music sounds pompous but the connotation is not that serious. It is the same with other genre. Romantic songs still carry the heavy load but other sprinklings of the classics especially for wedding music is a consideration. Even wedding musicians favor the quality of such music and doing ceremony music calls for some serious stuff. I mean serious because during the solemn rites conforming music or song is the vital rule.


When relaxing, I believe classical music does a trick. The instrumental music is supposedly listened to but the great heavy opera songs are appreciated by some and there are moments and places where appreciation can be had when listened to. Cultural presentations, of course deal with the stuff and maybe selected audience is predicted but the contribution of the beauty of music is evident.


Being into wedding realm, wedding music and songs for the ceremony and reception are seriously listed creating an ideal music or song list with the combinations of standard music, the classics, a bit of jazz, contemporary music and even Christian songs to be performed are rolled into one having great choices for the couple engaged to have during their wedding day.


Wedding love songs proliferate the list but what is wedding for but an expression of love and channeling it calls for the right connection for everybody to enjoy. Still, music is part of us.











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