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I remember three years ago when we took some time doing bridal bouquets and having fun with it then after a year doing flowers for weddings, we stopped. Then, all of a whim I began contemplating to delve once more into the art of floral arrangement.


It is special market for weddings and thinking to merge it with our wedding event planning, especially if it is a day wedding coordination to perhaps lessen their wedding expenses. You know that anyone can do flower arrangements but a certain skill is needed to create a wedding bouquet and flowers for the whole wedding entourage. Here is where creativity centers. It is an artistic endeavor and fun, for sure.


There are different kinds of bridal bouquet and numerous flowers to choose from, even colors come to play for needed consideration before doing the desired look.


The female entourage is thought about first by preparing the flowers for both mothers, the female principal sponsors may either have hand-held bouquets or corsages or wristlets, the maid of honor has her bouquet different from the rest, the female secondary sponsors have their own bridal bouquets, the bridesmaids and flower girls have their own, too. Of course, male members of the entourage normally have their boutonnieres with the groom having a different made boutonniere that stands out or maybe of different color.


Matching the use of flowers and color to the wedding theme is imperative before proceeding with the work. Act as a wedding consultant when it comes to flowers for you know better and say what you feel is best. Ask their suggestions, too and when it makes sense then go on with the work.


It is fun matching different kinds of flowers and employing certain artistry but playing safe rules for weddings. The classic floral arrangements for weddings stand the test of time in beauty and artistry. The case here is: the simpler, the better. Sometimes, simplicity means elegance and that what a bride wants. But if the bride’s personality is more daring; then, by all means experiment with the different types of bouquets or better let her decide and go on with her desires, with a little suggestion.


In the Philippines, the commonly used flowers are: asters, calla lily, carnation, daisy, chrysanthemum, gerbera, local hyacinths, peonies that usually come from Davao or Tagaytay, the popular Malaysian mums, of course, roses of varied colors and kinds, even sunflowers are used and of course tulips that are becoming the favorite. We have the uncommon ones but they are not often delivered in Manila and if there are, few are shipped and expensive. One caution, when a florist tells you that her tulips came from Holland, totally do not believe her. We now grow tulips and they thrive in cold climate like Baguio and Tagaytay. There are greeneries for tulips alone.


If you happen to be in Baguio and see a flower that blooms in a street side or in some corners, the city dwellers regard them as weeds but for those who haven’t been to Baguio that often, they are delightful fragile flowers longed to be picked and put into a vase as a floral design. Watch those lilies in the fields, they are sights to behold and they are just left there to wither and die.


It is true that wedding will not be complete without flowers and certainly they add beauty and elegance to a wedding affair. Flowers give life and color to a barren corner. It turns a dull place dazzling with the magic of a floral artist.


And as the bridal walks with her bridal bouquet, a light shines through splendidly.








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