Wedding pressures are nil  when preparations are done before hand. And when I address wedding preparations I mean every considerations are matted out, discussed and acted the very first instance when you feel it's right. Wedding preparations are more of the intuitive side because you know what is really right for both of you to consider.

The very first that comes to mind for a husband and wife to be is the budget. From there after discussing how much this and that then you served the first step.

This determines how they will go about their wedding. There they will discuss the motif. There they will talk about guest list. They will talk about where the ceremony will take place. It is also paramount that they will consider food service whether catered or not. From there they will make a list of suppliers needed for their wedding.

It is worth considering the date and time of ceremony and when finalized there is no stopping you. You will then scout for reception venue considering the proximity from the ceremonial ground.

Then, I know you will be building your guest list. Of course, foremost on your minds will be the principal sponsors and members to form the wedding entourage. You will now think about the dress motif for your day. You will discuss if you will take care of the bridal entourage accouterments.

It is now your schedule to look for an imagined bridal gown to compare. Maybe you have vignette on mind and the chance for a creation is from the experts. It is your choice and taste matters.

When your preparations are half-done, for sure you will take care of the requirements needed for a wedding. You need to get schedule for the family planning seminar which is a requirement before you can acquire your marriage license that expires after three months. Also, the needed banns to be posted on your parishes for 3 to 4 weeks prior to your wedding day. There is also the canonical interview from the church where you are going to be married. Normally, you have to schedule your availability.

When almost everything is half-through the rest of the suppliers come to play. You will then think of giveaways, musicians, if needs be, invites, flowers for the entourage.

Another aspect to consider are people who are going to help you carry out your preparations and a friend or a relative might help but if you are thinking otherwise then you need the expertise of a professional coordinator to carry all plans made by you. You can demand from your coordinator but not from your friend or relative. But a little help from a friend is a plus.

If you are resolved to have a seat plan then hand the details to your coordinator and have it followed to the T. That is your plan and it has to be complied the way you want it done.

At least, fifteen days before your wedding let all details attended by the coordinator and communicated to you every now and then. Just stay home and get lots of rest, pamper yourself and indulge into healthy food and get plenty of exercise so that radiance be yours on your wedding day.






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