When did Augustine Music and Event start?

In 2004 as Augustine Music and Sounds with wedding music as our concentration and providing public address system for any event, mostly weddings.


What is your main aim putting up a group?

We love to share music. All members feel the same. Music is our passion. Then, some friends and relatives are around who had been exposed to the knitty-gritty of weddings and formed an effective wedding coordination service team not for the money but simply and sincerely help the bride-to-be and groom-to-be.


When did your wedding coordination service start?

It started November of 2007 doing a full wedding coordination package with Carmelita Lupato who did most of the work and Mario Lupato did most of the errands and follow-ups for the couples’ needs.


What kind of music does your group play?

We play all kinds of music except rock and we specialize in classical music for the members of the group are music graduates.


Do you accept out-of-town service?

Yes, we do. We have been to some places as far as Maddela in Qurino Province. Mostly in Tagaytay and some places in Batangas, Subic and some places in Bulacan. Also, some places in Laguna.


What are the music experiences of the group?

Some had stints abroad. Some as back-up musicians for celebrities but mostly weddings every now and then.


What is your criteria for an effective wedding coordination as you do?

We see to it that two months before the wedding, everything is at hand that needs polishing. That needs to be discussed. That needs reconsiderations. Details now laid and more follow-ups required.


How do you conduct yourselves doing service?

Professionally. We see to it that  we are ahead of time before wedding begins.


When is an ideal booking done for your service?

Ideally, two months before the event booking.


What is the scope of your on-the-day wedding coordination package?

Normally for us, two months before the wedding preparations are done. At least three meetings and the rest through emails and during the event 3 hours before the wedding, two coordinators get the things needed for the church and at least an hour before the ceremony the coordinators are positioned to attend to guests, especially the members of the entourage attending to all church activities. During the reception, details discussed will be managed by the coordinators.

What package do they normally get from you?

Mostly our mini orchestra package.






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