Traditional Christian Wedding still follows the old way of running how the ceremony goes and the Minister or Pastor who will officiate the order still has the say unless the couple has something rolled in their sleeves to make their wedding with a difference. Modern times speak of innovation and imagination that creep into doing contemporary wedding ritual without destroying the essence of a true Christian Marriage Rite.


Ø PRELUDE – While guests are seated, especially the bride and the groom’s grandparents, a kind of prelude music sets the mood. It needs not be purely Christian Music but Classical Music defines what is best for everyone regardless if you appreciate or not the message that imparts. This takes around 10 minutes for your reverie.  


Ø PROCESSION – The traditional Christian Order doesn’t involve the principal sponsors and seems disregarding their presence and now a Christian Wedding involves them like a Catholic processional arrangement and evidently speaking, if you attend a Christian Wedding, you see principal sponsors marching along the aisle not like the old traditional way where the groom’s parents don’t march with their son or the bridal march where only the father walks with her daughter with the Bride’s mother already seated. Well, not anymore. Special people are given due importance.


This is a sample of bridal entourage line-up similar to a Catholic Wedding now engaging members to be in with their partners walking on as majestic music is played. The Officiant Minister can devise it if he desires but this is the way it goes for many weddings, not excluding a Christian Rite.  


This is the order of the procession similar to a Catholic Processional Order of The Bridal Entourage.


A. PASTOR OR MINISTER – STANDS AT THE ALTAR facing the congregation.

B. BEST MAN - Stands at the left side of the groom

C. GROOM AND PARENTS - Groom stands beside the Best Man while the parents are ushered in their seats

D. PRINCIPAL SPONSORS - They march with their partners. Male principal sponsor on the right while the female principal sponsor at the left side. 

E. CANDLE SPONSORS - Both pair walks down the aisle

F. VEIL SPONSORS - Both pair walks down the aisle

G.CORD SPONSORS - Both pairs walks down the aisle

H.BRIDESMAIDS AND GROOMSMEN - Partners as march the aisle

I.   JUNIOR BRIDESMAID - Marches alone

J.RING BEARER - Marches alone

K. COIN BEARER - Marches alone 

L. BIBLE BEARER - Marches alone 

M. FLOWER GIRL - Walks alone as she scatters petals on the aisle, if allowed





Ø GIVING OF THE BRIDE – The minister normally has his spiels signifying among the congregation that the bride has to be handed over to the groom with their acceptance by answering yes or a nod of acceptance.  This is a typical Christian ritual.


Ø OPENING PRAYER - A right gesture to commence a special event. 


Ø MESSAGE – ELEMENTS OF GOOD MARRIAGE are standard examples of carrying on with the minister’s words of wisdom, enumerating how important they are for the couple to heed on when listened to intently and depends upon the one delivering those important words. The pastor can do it otherwise with his own devised approach of giving a message not necessarily following the elements to its very essence. Just a sincere message can carry along.


Ø CHARGE TO THE COUPLE –This act signifies a certain spell for the couple to take into account the compelling act of accepting the ups and downs of married life and their vow for each other to keep by their "I do's". This is the start up of everything else whether to continue the ceremony or not and it is one way of expanding the value of vows as they go on with the wedding ritual.


Ø CHARGE TO THE PARENTS – A ritual that expresses how the guidance of their parents is considered that they should be around with their ready helping hand when the need arises.


Ø CHARGE TO THE SPONSORS – A really nice gesture of suggesting an open arm to welcome the couple during time of trouble.


Ø CHARGE TO THE CONGREGATION – This encourages everybody during the ceremony to at least, share a prayer for the couple to live a happy lives together as husband and wife.


Ø THE PLDEGE – Now this turns to something nostalgic by saying what one feels like expressing what comes  from the recesses of one’s sincere thoughts and this is the moment with tears or laughter, perhaps. This is the couple’s stage. It is not the usual vows rendered but the true understanding of what their intentions are going into the scene of belief where their words are sealed. 


Ø GIVING OF VOWS – A moment where two hearts are joined with the help of the minister applying the magic words uniting them together without fail. He now digs into the pure message of marital vows expressed and unreserved acceptance.  


Ø GIVING OF THE RINGS – This simply explains that they will be united forever by the power of the pastor’s words like the Christ Jesus. He has the power now at this very instance.


Ø UNITY CANDLE – I love this dramatic moment especially the golden symbolism of the ritual where Background Music is played as they light their candles to be forever in flames, figuratively speaking.


Ø BIBLE – A handy book that miraculously opens into their eyes the good teachings of the Lord. That every good has to be given to each. That love has to reign. That forgiveness is evident.


Ø COINS – Plain to say that sharing their marital wealth is a practical way of dealing life as it goes. In sickness and in health, through wealth and abundance be theirs also to share.


Ø VEIL AND CORD – This act finishes their pure intentions and no turning back or rejecting the call of time when something gets weary. They are totally one in spirit and soul entwined to travel in moment’s time and the end. Though at times each fails to keep the promise for frail is the human spirit but being together strengthens the bond to keep for eternity.


Ø  SIGNING OF THE CONTRACT – A Song or Music Rendition


Ø PRONOUNCEMENT – Publicly, they are now accepted and in the eyes of God, they are true Christians of the world propagating the spirit of Christ-like self. That everybody has to be bonded to reach the pinnacle of free spirit exemplifying only the good.


Ø THE KISS - A Catholic Wedding does this without fail with      Music as they do an act of longing that from now on they are true to themselves.


Ø DECLARATION – And so it is with the usual documentation of binding.





A Christian Wedding Ceremony is one dramatic moment with the rituals that speak of union and creating the real impression of accepting what pushes the couple joining hand in hand in marriage. It expresses how one feels and accepting now the other frailties and greatness as a human being. I now believe that it takes two to tango and marital bliss happens this way. Try to live in a desert alone and you be the judge.







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