April 27, 2015

The ABC of Wedding Coordination

  • Assist the need for suppliers

  • Confer suppliers' contracts

  • Confer to client other details needed through phone call or email

  • Confer to the client lay-out of the reception venue

  • Contact suppliers for needed information or reminders from the client

  • Coordinates with catering

  • Follow-ups needed

  • Gift management

  • Hand outs of Souvenirs

  • Hosts the Reception Program

  • Make proper endorsement after the end of program

  • Manages activities from church to reception (make sure all the needed things in the church are ready)

  • Manages registration and seat plan

  • Provide wedding checklist

  • Provides Program Flow

  • RSVP, is optional (additional 3000)

  • Takes charge for suppliers’ payments (optional)

  • Three to four meetings and unlimited bridal consulations or assistance through phone calls and emails

  • Wrap-up Job



April 14, 2015
Philippine musicians find great time sharing the best they can, performing what is popular for weddings when requested aiming solely to entertain and doing wedding music that is pertinent to an event.

A modest music ensemble is good enough to provide  a cut above the rest music around and so doing is an assessment how good Pinoy musicians are - no rehearsals, just a piece of note and good sound system match world class act.

A true talent needs to be shared an d when the well-timed moment comes requires involvement. The monetary angle is secondhand but sad to say, most musicians look on the sign more than sharing the gift. Yes, it is needed, but there are times when musicians compromise and generous enough to forego the thought and just share artistry.

What matters is the immeasurable connection and satisfaction derived from a performance. And that makes God smile.


April 6, 2015
I pray she finds your light
And holds it in her heart
As darkness falls each night
Remind her where you are

Every child knows
Need to find a place
Guide her to a place
Give her faith so she'll be safe

Lead her to a place
Guide her with your grace
To a place where she'll be safe

Music Band Manila

April 4, 2015
The ease of Latin music is obvious whenever performed, and singing one is like shooting the breeze with somebody without a strain from the voice. It is like reading a note or poetry with just the feel of what it passes on. It is safe performance for theatrics are not called for.
The quality it requires is just voice control, and that's it. You are on a way to entertain guests.


March 24, 2015
When quietus comes, a beloved is given the respect and enconium he or she deserves thru a special eulogy based on love and sorrow from loved ones. The pain remains but God called him for the beyond and no one can halt his intention. God knows best.

An endearing and meaningful song rockets and dignify the soul as he is hoisted to his rightful pied-a-terre. We love to proclaim the rightful music for the demise as memorial musicians.


March 14, 2015
Knowing how they work reflects upon the upshot of the event they were concerned with tireless dedication because they love the summon. 

They know they are not perfect but merit is what they strive for doing weddings. Their concern is to stamp out setbacks from the bride as her big day nears. 

Their event awareness makes them comfortable dealing with those concerned. They have their plans and the coordinators are there to make it happen the smoothest way with the cooperation of the groom and bride giving and asking suggestions. And the joy when something good arrives.

They don't call it duty but giving someone a leg up sacrificing time and sometimes personal gumption just to be sure that the bride smiles and merry. 



March 12, 2015
A wedding dance during a reception hints more marked episodes to follow. It is just the start of making an event significant. All suppliers are instrumental for a far out wedding reception.

The couple's choice of music stems from what they hear often, how it sounds, what is the motivating factor for choosing but most of all the significance that made them like such music.

So, they use it for important part of the program where all guests can behold. Their wedding dance is thought about as compelling highlight that must not be missed.



March 5, 2015
Latin music is easy to embrace and appreciate for the flow runs like silent water cascading effortlessly leaving the impression of calm. And all music should, I guess even the fast ones. 

Singing is like speaking in a more dynamic level emphasizing emotion in the rightful manner possible without straining a single note. This comes handy in due time. Even experienced singers sometimes fail doing so. Of course, being human falters you at times but conscious effort is recalled during such instances.

Singing counsels the soul. A moment like this transcends the mind especially when the song is close to one's heart and understands what is sending. But a true performer bolsters whatever music is presented. His soul dictates to entertain and give meaning of what was passed on.


February 27, 2015

An enchanting part of a church ceremony is during the nuptial kiss where most wedding musicians refrain doing this notable measure. Even choosing the right music sets perfect spirit as the next proceeding sustains.

It lasts less than a minute but the impact it brings is worth the time to watch one of the most stirring parts of a wedding ritual.

Euphoria beams for this comes as a surprise for the couple. Most often, we do what is seemly but there are moments when we do their favorite song or music.

We make it a point to make the music as solemn as it can be with much regard how it is delivered to create a certain impact we want to realize for the couple. It is their moment and that establishes all.



February 25, 2015
When asked for a request during a wedding reception, it suggests that the musicians are valued, especially during warm informal gathering. To an artist, it is a transported delight.

A performer has ready materials for unwelcome instances and to allude genuine concern for those around who want to be cheered. 

A live music band makes it easy for immediate responses. Even a guest who wants to be involved is welcome and the musicians are happy to improvise with a song or two letting the guest take the honors. A guest is always welcome.





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