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Posted by Mario Lupato on Saturday, August 27, 2011, In : WEDDING POEM 

 Upon the breath of time rules the coming of a performance

The magic of hand crafts piece from a musician

To share the legal beauty of music for someone

Who appreciates the dazzling score at hand


Everyday I hear the sound of wonderland

Repeating the rhyme from a wedding music band

With eyes closed feeling the easy beat as it runs

Leading me to dreamland


Ah, such anxiety’s gone

From the touch of an artist’s brand

Even sleepily as he strands

But the joy of passion is never bl...

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Posted by Mario Lupato on Thursday, August 25, 2011, In : WEDDING POEM 

Hush! I hear a beautiful melody that rings

Merging thoughts of something yearning

To listen for it tells a wonderful meaning

A wedding song of truth that keeps my faith burning


Alas! It keeps me serene

For the melody so touching it seems

Lilting my soul and beams

What beauty is seen


Few more days, my friend is your wedding

The music in your ears afloating

I know you’ve chosen a wedding song so caring

That speaks about you upon learning


Your love one is there to feel

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Posted by Mario Lupato on Thursday, August 25, 2011, In : WEDDING POEM 

Here I am with all frames and shadows

Ready to go for all your errands for me to draw

For that’s the way I want everything’s be

As I fix the marriage of a friend and see


Oh! I am weary but I imagine a wedding’s glow

My mind, my spirit is set to make it so

For a dear friend, yes truly for his glee

As I fashion preparations like a growing tree


Don’t worry I always say

Rely the power of a friend as both pray

Sincerely, I am proud to say

We’ll do right as I stay


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Posted by Mario Lupato on Thursday, August 25, 2011, In : WEDDING POEM 

 When I first thought of you

Everything I turn to is a beautiful view

And everyday  I really grow

Especially my good thoughts are so


We planned a wedding me and you

That things get through and we’ll never renew

For my love for you is deep and true

I’ll see my preparations are stamped like glue


By smaller we go on

Searching the right what I believe is born

Yes, it is open as brought

The beauty of a plan it seems like oath


Few more days and everything set

The wedding...

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