Philippine Wedding: wedding planning, wedding music and  wedding songs


A Philippine wedding is a hand on event management firstly dreamed upon by the couple-to-be and what to consider for wedding planningnot only requires imagination but a make-believe wedding ideas, themes and tips ready to begin the work. The bride asks herself how to be a wedding coordinator just to imagine what it takes and really starts from there for she knows it would entail expenses that soar upon belief and now reconsidering a budget laid and a wedding plan for a run. Of course, wedding fees are discussed to call the work at hand and starts from there.


Wedding packages are scrutinized, most often for there are many to prepare beside the simple last options of invites, souvenirs or favors, but  bridal gown comes first and contemplating where to hold the wedding ceremony and reception venue considering where guests will come from, as thought about. Well, you know your part if it is a Christian or Catholic Wedding.


Why hire a wedding coordinator? If you have too little a time, then planning a wedding requires help from a planner or coordinator who does most of what you intend to happen during the big day. They are ready to start the work with you from the basics not to confuse her or his approach for a wedding planning checklist is laid as guide.Wedding preparation guidelines are there to point priority angle. It is a simple list of to dos for the bride to study and compare her checklist because for sure she has laid a bridal plan out of knowledge somewhere. When preparing a wedding, all possible angles are scrutinized.


The plan is from the start of preparations until the wrap-up job at the wedding reception and the bride’s coordinator has the complete list of everything to be done. Sometimes a wedding idea crops up and listed. Sometimes a wedding theme is seen and appreciated. It is thought about. Sometimes wedding tips are shared and kept to compare.


Addition to wedding planning, sharing music brings a dynamic combination for a rightful affair. Out from the wedding song list or music list at hand thought about by the couple is ready for the musicians to take hold of. Wedding songs and music for the ceremony and reception are discussed with the wedding musicians hired and other music suggestions especially for the church ceremony for some rules are set like a Christian wedding does.


Music during the ceremony calls for appropriate songs and wedding music must be handy to share for some selections the couple might favor – love songs, classical music, top songs at the moment, song or music for the bridal march, song for the first dance and THE WEDDING SONG to their hearts is most meaningful.


A live string quartet adds pizzazz during the celebration and a violin that carries the sweetest music brings nostalgia for the newlyweds, hand in hand with the dexterity of an outstanding pianist present for a live entertainment and from the rest of the wedding musicianscomprising a quartet. A wedding quartet, to my opinion is an ideal combination or if wedding budget permits about musicians, the more is better. But even a pianist and violinist as tandem can create the most romantic music ever. The choice is yours.


wedding singer doing a number or two adds flavor during the reception as if listening to a music video or merely listening to the music is relaxing enough during dinner for a live band seems intimate with maybe some involvement with the guests sharing songs, for entertainers during the reception jazz up the soiree. A Filipino singer stands out when it comes to talent and wedding singers in the Philippines are passionate enough to share their singing flair.


A memorable day with the right elements for a perfect wedding design envisioned to happen has come true with a creative plan and world class music. That was much asked. And a blissful dream wedding came true.




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