When I host a wedding reception program, I do not ascertain myself as the sphere of regard. I am there to steer the flow for a smooth transition of an activity to another not spending time snapping jokes or shouting my communique to the top of my voice. I am there making guests at ease and the couple at their right toes at all times. I am there making things smoothly at the handle.



I do not have the deepest voice others forcefully do but I am careful of what comes out from my mouth. I still believe that less talk, less mistakes. But words must be thick set and strong. That I strive to be second to none. It is not my thing to bellow every word I say but play up what is important and being a trained singer knows speaking in waves.



There is much to improve and the first brave person to remind my foibles squarely at my face is my brother and rouse me to realize that I have to be more careful. 



I love the call and I want to reiterate that I am there not to steal the show but frame one.



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