Helping the couple bring important things needed during the ceremony is the first thing we will never miss and taking the timeline on schedule hours before the wedding ceremony. We have to attend for the flowers of the entourage making sure all members have theirs and when everything was set gathering all we need, we now proceed to church.

We make it a point that an hour before the ceremony begins wedding coordinators are around attending to the guests especially the bridal entourage, briefing them to just stay put at the back ready for the line-up and normally fifteen minutes before the wedding starts, all members of the entourage are assembled accordingly.

Then, a sign will be given us to begin and one coordinator is in cue as the procession begins making an unhurried flow with the right cadence. If no church attendant is around near the altar to guide wedding entourage on their respective seats, one will be assigned.

For the offertory proceedings, ten minutes before the offering designated ones to bring the gifts are ready for the walk and we have to see to it that the line-up is in accordance to church preference.

From then on, just minutes away wedding coordinators will be on their feet to assist during the pictorial where bridal entourage and guests have their turn during the photo session.

Before the recessional, we make sure that some guests and members of the bridal entourage are gathered on the church entrance with petals on their palms and two tubes of party poppers to be burst simultaneously with petal throwing.

As wedding coordinators, we must be the first to proceed to the reception venue to attend to seat plan devised by the couple and another coordinator assisting guests and bridal entourage to their designated seats. Also, we make it a point to let one wedding coordinator stay at the venue to anticipate guests who proceeded straight to the reception.

And when everybody is around, the wedding reception program commences working hand-in-hand with the program host.

During the meal because the couple has the help, the coordinators will assist during the pictorial for the guests per table to join the couple for souvenir shots before proceeding to the buffet table just to ease congestion and to run things smoothly on the handle.

Wedding souvenirs, on the other hand are given during meal time when everybody is seated and halfway during the program but guest book is passed when guests are around on their seats and feeling comfortably.

And during the climax of the program where a game is done for the bouquet and garter ceremonies, wedding coordinators are on the go to gather single ladies and single gentlemen to participate because for a wedding celebration the more participants, the merrier.

And the final thing to do before coordinators leave is to make sure that everything is turned over to the couple. That will include paraphernalia used during the ceremony, the guest book, extra souvenirs, the food left for taking home, the suppliers’ fee are settled and gifts ready to be brought home by the couple.

But most of all, good memories are brought to last.






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