A Philippine Wedding Destination – Barasoain Church

The last time we performed for a solemn wedding music at the historical Barasoain Church was more than two years ago and just few days hence we were at the same spot to perform. The dismay was there because it seems a different church now. Outside the church you could see litters around. The pavement was rough and rocks of small sizes were scattered here and there. Maybe, they are having some renovations but I don’t see doings. 

There were also vendors carting their wares – more on drinks maybe because of the weather of May where heat seems unbearable. I looked at the courtyard where wedding receptions are held and there were not many plants around but some trees. I haven’t seen a single bloom for color. 

Still, the antiquity is there and the Hispanic look around creates certain drama as the bride walks the aisle with classical wedding march from remarkable wedding musicians of the Philippines but the order inside the church and out is something to look after. Can someone do something? 

One good thing is that they maintained what was used then and they did an awesome preservation, the reason why wedding destinations happen.


The organ we used was what we had the last time we’re there. It is still in function only the sound system has to be given added consideration for a wedding singer to do justice from wedding song list chosen by the couple. Only the voice singing is heard outside without the accompaniment of the organ and the violin. It should have been a better performance with the two instruments involved. That creates a rustic feel anyway being in a province.


For the wedding reception, we have to travel few minutes passing through narrow road with the typical rustic houses and some fields of green. I wonder why such a place near Metro Manila still looks backward. Reaching the reception area was a  sight. The place looks modern and obviously the owner of the place has the means to put up a place like that. The lawn was manicured and the structures are  urban - typical structures in our modern world.


And I heard the couple just arrived from the states to have their wedding here. Also, they have their American twang that tells having lived in the states for long. Of course, all preparations were done by a relative whom I had the dealings with. 

Anyway, we just provided the reception music and the sound system but saw to it that it was a wonderful contribution from us. They had guest singers who did some parts in the church and few songs during the reception. It was a worth wedding, I would say and the couple were happy that everything turned right as expected. Fr. Edwin Bravo did all the preparations being the uncle of the groom and officiated the solemn mass. I didn’t have the time to thank him during the reception because he was very busy attending with the other guests. 

We were grateful sharing songs and music for a wonderful wedding destination - enough to say that we belong.







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