Who Is The Ugliest Celebrity In The World

Beyond beauty, what's next? I am going to speak about a woman who typifies the search for perfection and that starts off with the focal point of true beauty. Extreme regard with this quest is paramount to to those who have the money embracing the idea that it solves a hunt.

She had numerous interviews and photos taken documenting her transformation that defies the safety of plastic surgery. She is a skilled hunter and pilot from Switzerland and fortunate enough to marry a billionaire art collector. No doubt why her spendings in a month reach to a million. Being rich Jocelyn is famous in tabloids and travels a lot. She is rich and famous on her regards and society hails her as one important personality. She is a celebrity.

When she turned 50 after ten years of marriage her husband Alec Wildenstein who owns a castle in Switzerland, maintains a huge ranch, owns the biggest art dealership in the world and run an expensive mansion in Manhattan  turned eyes to other women making Jocelyn very jealous. That prompted her to turn to plastic surgery having the money to maintain her youth and beauty. Her first surgery was not that extensive but addiction to beauty made her want to look perfect. Every part of her face that needs improvement made her go under the knife. She had botox of the forehead, frown lines were corrected together with crow’s feet. She had browlifts, cheek implants, mid face lift. Also lips plumbing injections together with chin augmentation and more facelifts. It was told she spent about 4 million dollars for her surgery. But what happened is revealed in a short video I made to see the difference  and the effects of too much procedures.

All over the world she is known as “The Lion Queen” or “The Bride of Wildenstein”. If you look at her photos she really resembles that of a lion or a cat. Her face looks so feline that she’s called


Ten Poorest Countries In The World

My purpose in doing a simple video for the ten poorest countries in the world is not to expose dearth but inform in a way through list. I have chosen just the top ten and out of research I have compiled the most accurate ones to date. I will not talk about how they survive or how they suffer financially but intend to share a thought or two by comparisons.

Maybe you are asking yourself how to live in dearth. Even hunger scares most of us. Death, especially from starvation never crosses one’s mind.  For sure nobody doesn’t want to imagine such misery. This is an incentive message for us to better our lives in a way we can and if we fail still life goes on. What is important is regarding the value of life.

I have read and watched videos of how the poorest live and even observed poverty in our country, Philippines being part of Asia and one of the poorest. I feel the misery of shelterless children or the family as a whole. Starvation marks the near end of a child, which for me is the most painful to watch. The parents of the child are gazed watching a precious one gasping for the last breath. But the pain is felt more by people whose mission is to alleviate hunger and provide health to the poor. Thank God for having the United Nations Organization having a platform in helping and donors throughout the world extending hands.I am happy that we have Ambassadors who go to the poorest places in the world to let others know that there are people who need the help. A small dole from anyone multiplies and that is a gargantuan step towards alleviating hunger in this world. Exposing dire in one’s country is not a shame but awareness playing hand for the rest to understand.

We are not begging for help. We are asking for one.I am not dreaming for equality but hoping for a better world for the poor that their stature shall pass.


Ten Most Expensive Weddings

A wedding is the most important event in the lives of two people who will be joined as one and making the best it can be calls for limits but to some they extend beyond one’s imagination. To them everything is possible with their millions and billions. How can it be impossible if they have the power to amass vast wealth? The sole reason there are expensive or shall I call extravagant weddings.

The best we can do is list the top ten that created history. I won’t delve into preparations made, instead created a simple video just to let some of you know who they are and when did they spend their fortune for that momentous event. Surely, they were grand celebrations and unmatched lavishness to us mortals but the message tells us that foremost in their minds is sharing the happiness to people they know and materially insignificant.

If you observe in the video, all are known with their enormous wealth and some are famous celebrities who make headlines every turn of the way. The only thing we know about them is they are fortunate people who roam around using their fortune to better the lives of others. It simply sends the effects of doing what is good and it comes back tenfold. It also implies a great deal that money begets money. Money is used to get more and everybody is aware of the trick. To some who are not blessed enough does hard work that someday it takes turn to the better.

The video is a short one but this is another way for me to share on my own small gesture to inform.

First In Time – Record of The Oldest


The curiosity of man sometimes extend beyond imagination and hoping to learn about the history’s oldest. Records are kept and others are forgotten. There are still known records and familiar to some but extensive research requires to really discover the OLDEST RECORDS.


The most important thing is to consider its authenticity and because we are now in a no impossible world there are proofs to show and my short video clip tells so.


Please enjoy the show.


Most Expensive Paintings Sold


Famous painters are the rarest creating masterpieces beyond match and their staying power lingers as time progresses. During their time they did pieces to express their artistry and never thought of the monetary value of their works and spend much time perfecting the piece in all artistic angles. That’s why they are great artists. Their passion never died and carried on and having their works of art are treasures beyond compare.


The original masterpieces were sold to art patrons in the highest sense of the word and I want to share them to you through my video created out of love feeling that I own the most expensive paintings in the world.


Please watch this.


Most Colorful Images

Out of my collections of images from  fancied searches I can say are uniquely colorful ones and some friends   were awed. So, I believe they are interesting enough to others and doing a video out of them is added eagerness for me to share and matching it with  soothing music  as you watch this video.

Purposely, I want to relax you as you watch it.


Poverty In Asia

If you think about poverty, it’s like a prayer of longing that this too shall pass. In the Philippines alone the incidence of poverty is 48% that of China’s 3%, Indonesia at 23%, 37% that of Vietnam’s and Laos’ of 38%. That shows Philippines is the poorest country in Asia. Most of us feel the sweep of lack here but we keep striving to gain status.

I live in the Philippines and have some photos to show dearth in our country. Not that I am ashamed of but maybe can open a small door for other people in the world to peep and consider a helping hand in a manner that suits the need.

The first series is painful for me to put but interesting enough to know us Pilipinos, poor but progressing

Watching these videos will purely speak volumes.


Ten Richest Men In The World – How They Got their Wealth

As I briefly perused the background of the richest men I observed one measure how they got their wealth. They use their money to gain more and that is obvious. All transactions any person makes involve a certain price and there is no something for nothing. The most common explanation reaching the top is that they started from scratches and the common denominator is they have something to start with. In this world you have to do the first step by your skill, knowledge, or expertise. Then you can gain the next step.

The thing that sparks you going is passion and the reason why we have great and top-notched men. You alone can define passion because it comes from within. And the more passion you have is easier to do better. If you observe rich people, their focus is strong on something and they never entertain the chance of failure to befall. But the fruition of an endeavor is action. Even you have all the skills and knowledge without time spent to the bidding, nothing comes. For work is the magic word. The more you spend time for a project is tantamount of gaining something in return. The more quality employed brings more fruit from toil. The very rich use this secret to their employ. They certainly know that time is gold and incalcating in the minds of people around their niche is hypnotic act

Money has a certain magic. It directs you where it wants. It makes you aware what comfort is. It structures your life how it is used. It symbolizes your standing whether a failure or accomplished being and after all life has to be lived the best way possible and enjoying your riches is a form of love. That’s also one reason why most of the riches people turn philantropist and even donate millions to charity because they feel the need of others. Being rich made them better persons. Find me a person who is more at ease but the rich. They have that aura of respectability and associating with them is quite an experience not knowing that they are more humane than us.

I want to share this video with you focusing the ten richest men in the world. Their names seem familiar and here they are. If it interests you and got the spare time maybe search how they got their wealth. Maybe we can discover a secret and use it.

To all of you, “Money flows into your life freely, copiously and endlessly!’

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