Wedding Music: Ceremony and Reception Songs

Wedding songs, especially in the Philippines are huge in list and more keep building but mostly foreign music. Pilipino music is here to stay but international hits still are listened to more than other songs. Even love songs are the main focus. Try to listen to all popular songs and the theme is about love. Even a classical music maintains the romance of a piece. Most Pilipinos sing foreign songs especially the romantic kind of thing. It tops the chart, too and there is no denying that music of all kinds remains.


Wedding songs and music are universal in theme. Popular music list or song list for weddings speak the feel of having the heart turn around and romantic music lures the hearts of soon-to-be couple. It is not a priority for them but rushes when the time calls that it is now the fit moment for building the music list – processional march music, bridal march song, the offertory and communion songs for Catholics, music during the wedding vows and even recessional music.


Wedding reception music list is built, too for the guests to enjoy the celebration. Variety of music is known and some guests participates the festivity by offering a song or two based from the favorite songs of the married couple, most often, to the couple’s delight, of course.


Popular music and songs are favorites during the wedding reception not like during the wedding ceremony where careful music deliverance is a hint. Reception music varies on the mood. If it is a dinner reception, romantic music is easily listened to especially when everybody is seated and having their sumptuous dinner and beautiful rendition of songs and music make all feel the night.


Even classical music is fit for a wedding reception. Some appreciates especially the lighter classical music and the modern ones written having love as the theme and a chosen wedding song for the couple makes their special day worth remembering with all the fun, gaiety and music. A wedding day is a time where precious people on the lives of the married couple are around to share the joy.


Philippine wedding is a sentimental affair where tears are shed not for sadness but joy where two people in love will now be together for the rest of their lives playing beautiful music, as the saying goes.


Musicians in the Philippines, especially for weddings have the heart and we can say passion as they keep upgrading their music list not only the popular songs of the moment but choosing the right song list for a better performance basing what they feel will make a music scene worth attending to. Wedding songs and music are souls on any celebration or event but most of all for a wedding.

Wedding Message: Artistry Through Words, Music and Songs 

Composing a poem is likened to writing music and the degree of creativity differs but both deep. It calls for a certain knock in doing so or can we say gift. Making one also needs time. Thoughts just come and go and maintaining the creative juice needs capturing the moment or otherwise that precious creative spark is gone. That’s why most artists when they sit and do a creation their moments must not be disrupted or they go astray and raise tempers.


Yes, that undefinable tantrum of one makes you churn and derision is evident but to each his own and let us respect the differences we have. What is important is what we can share from innate talent each has.


For example, writing classical music requires tremendous concentration and the silence that surrounds the composer has to be maintained to create his own masterpiece. A music gem is defined by him and his definition is different from yours for an artist describes something out of the ordinary. A simple discovery by an artist is for him a treasure. It means so much more so when it affects his or other’s life. A poet is an extreme example.


When someone writes a poem, it is not just putting words into a paper. Firstly, thoughts are collected, analyzed, grouped, regrouped and rhymed like the cadence of a song. A poem, especially when it speaks about love has a melody. It has a certain flow only a poet can put and then analyzed once again to add the feel from his emotions to send the message.


Writing about weddings is good way of combining love messages and thoughts of the persons getting married. What is wedding but love? It is telling you to speak about a love story and the theme is simply about romance, sometime sad encounters before winning the heart of the woman to be your bride and an adventure has passed you to win.


So, a songwriter and poet are the best partners to compose a wedding theme. Still, best ideas spring from thoughts of love and expanding that single idea creates a myriad of colors for presenting the beauty of art in any form called for.


Speaking is an art. The chosen words put to paper are internalized before the message is sent to be accepted. The lyrics of a song is examined to get the feel and what it is trying to convey. The written melody tells the emotion of how to render for justice’s sake and anyone has its own way of interpretation but a gifted musician has set rules to follow to be called great.


Poetry writing is almost forgotten art and most don’t find interest in reading one unknowingly that a short creative piece speaks volumes. It tells the message of hundred pages of a book in a concise compact piece of a so called poem. But the feel is different. It requires vast imagination to understand the message and the poet’s gift of words sets him as an artist of the highest caliber.


The beauty of it all is sharing the unfathomed deep recesses of one’s genius and every one of us has that spark of artistry. It just needs expressing and finding the right avenue to shine is a consolation for an artist. If you have the gift of voice, share it in any manner possible. A talent will always be discovered, if the passion to reign is strong. A very good place to share remarkable gift is a wedding event. A wedding musician has the full heart to express his artistry in music and songs. A wedding planner can make use of his gift of planning everything right out of his written words manifested.


And what is better way to share but the passion of what you can do best. Composing a wedding music or writing words of love for wedding vows are two important contributions to better a wedding plan out of your expertise. Just to exemplify. 

Manila Wedding Roundabouts

Helping a client even it is not a part of the contract doesn’t bother me at all being a wedding planner and a wedding musician because we are around to share something we know the best we can unselfishly.


A client for a wedding schedule early next year requested me to go to churches and do a bit of inquiry and take some video footages for her to see being based abroad for comparisons. I decided to do it on a Thursday and had my first stop at Fernwood Gardens but waited until ten in the morning for an employee to report. I had a bit of video taken and some snapshots as I waited for someone to attend to my short inquiry of how much and available slots.


Next stop was a nearby church at Mt. Carmel in Project 6 and found out that they had built a new reception area. It is not that huge but fairly good for 150 guests, perhaps. Then, still I have time bound for Mt. Carmel Parish Church at New Manila for the needed information for my client and took me five minutes to get the information needed.


Still, I have time to go for a nearby church at Sanctuario de San Jose to find out slots availability. My client asks me to give consideration for this church. It is her number one in the list. Anyway, I still went further to Nuestra Senyora de Gracia even pressed with time to gain more lists and some information for her to study. Not that complex but an actual representation through me.


By next week I will get more information from other churches and I decided to do it online so I can have the much needed time as I sit and google if I have the chance. My son uses the computer more often and mine was already near death and had the hardest time waiting for something to come out.  

What’s important is having gathered material to present and discuss what needs be. This is a help for my client who contracted me for the wedding day coordination service. Although farfetched I was asked for help so be it.


Related to my short post I have a video clip about churches in the Philippines. Enjoy the clip.






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