String Quartet At The Helm

Wedding music is considered for special event and a theme that requires classical music by string quartet is right approach.

When we say string quartet, it doesn't necessary mean all stringed instruments. The piano completes the ensemble – one violin, another is viola and either a cello or contra bass. This is an ideal combination for a full orchestrated tune and adding a flute instrument adds a more classical tune.

It is not advisable to hire too many musicians unless for a show. But wanting beautiful music renditions, a quartet would suffice. It produces cleaner tones and intimate sound especially called to appreciate the art.

Wedding musicians in the Philippines are thespians. What lacks is exposure and promotion to let the world know. Philippine outstanding performers are few in numbers but soon Pilipino talents will claim recognition.

Exposing oneself to world of entertainment calls intensive preparations and training. The more you practice the art adds an experience and discovery. Beauty of music has its nuances. It involves the feel, the tone, the message, the intention wanting to impart.

Wedding music ceremony includes the parts where music is needed:

  • The procession involves members of the entourage where music is played as they march to their designated seats.
  • The bridal walk requires a different music from the processional march. Using a music or song special to the couple's heart is defined as touching.
  • The marital vows becomes meaningful when a soft background music is played as they exchange their vows.
  • Then follows the offertory song – a short liturgical song rendered

  • Next to be performed is the communion song – a portion where beautiful solemn song is offered to the Lord.
  • Before the ceremony ends, a music during the nuptial kiss adds drama. Doing a chorus from a special music spells the difference rather from the start of the music.
  • It doesn't end there. During the photo sessions, love songs are performed not only to the delight of the newlyweds but for the guests who are witnesses.
  • And the recessional march calls for majestic gesture. Play something of the classics. They are the right choices.

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