Solemnity for a wedding rite calls for appropriate wedding music and songs  from the couple’s intended serene wish of a place free from noise and visible hassles with the able hand of a wedding planner or coordinator as they had the ceremony at St. Pancratius Chapel inside the historical Paco Park, Philippines. Genor and Meldie were now ready to live a life together as man and wife.


The wedding was scheduled for a 5pm ceremony but guests were around having a brief stroll inside the park with the wedding coordinators attending to some of them particularly the bridal entourage for their needed flowers and some fixing here and there. There was an ongoing wedding yet and from the outside you can hear the solemn vows of the two with faint background music as they exchaned their eternal vows.


When it was over, the guests went in and the bridal entourage was assembled with the bride near the fountain ready for her bridal march. During the processional march a guest singer sang “The Prayer” then as the bride walked to the altar, “Till There Was You” was performed.


Wedding music was passionately performed by quintet from Augustine Music and Events. Music indeed creates a certain feel during the wedding ceremony and the choices made are meaningful for the couple. Surely, they knew the propriety of wedding music list adhered and they were right having remarkable wedding musicians delivering the intended selections.

The wedding ceremony was done for an hour or so ready for an evening dinner reception at a posh hotel. Entering the ballroom of Diamond Hotel reminds you of a simple French dining hall but very large.


The wedding reception program was hosted by the Best Man who happens to be the younger brother of the groom who just arrived from the states. The affair went well with the reception music provided by a guest performer and from Augustine Music alternating to serenade.


The importance of such grand celebration are the exchanged pleasantries from friends and relatives who came near and far.  It is a moment of news, hugs and kisses. A traditional Filipino wedding reunites lost friends and relatives, a true gesture of the old. Their presence endears the couple's hearts.


Wedding musicians are involved and their share is enough to remember a special wedding day.








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