Wedding singers in the Philippines are touted to be one of the best in the world and this pride carries us as the wedding musicians capital country. One big difference is the emotion put to music and Pilipino Singer has a heart for something romantic and nostalgic.


Still there are others who need to understand the rigors of proper beautiful singing to elevate the standard of the art. Not only singers are advised to carry the merit but wedding musicians and string quartet ensemble are around to spread the beauty of music.


When someone carries a tune, he or she says I am a singer not giving much thought how the interpretation affects listeners. Almost all can sing and really love the art but the real passion doesn't come to play. There are those who are gifted with good voices and what needs is honing but there are more who like to sing just to express.


Singing is simple act but what comes from within is what lacks. Most singers today sing as if shouting to the top of their voices thinking that the louder the voice is, the better. There are few singers who sing with mustered control and that should be the case. Singing is like a conversation expressed in a different manner more lyrical and dramatic tones. The reason, too that competent performers realize their feelings. The emotion put to a song is rooted from experiences sad or happy and the tone carries it all and reveals your soul.


These are few considerations to remember to put soul to a song:


·Examine the lyrics of the song. It is similar to poetry with a rhyme.

·Find out what the song tells. Few lyrics comprise a whole story. A summary of it all.

·Listen to the melody. Discover if it is something romantic or needs dramatic interpretation.

·Determine how it flows. You can be creative by employing a certain style of your own.

·Feel the melody. You alone can put color in your special way.

·Choose the beat how you want it done being the artist. Employing the free style singing is the safest with how your feelings go. You can use all the emotions called for just surfing with the flow.


When you find a song to be interpreted, it is but proper to choose a pianist who has the same passion  with regards to music and there a beautiful music is crafted with two souls making the best of a music gem.


Singing is a special gift to be shared and the memory it creates remains to those offered. It recalls your passion and eager to participate what music has to give:








Just a word of caution. Never tarnish a song just for fun. Remember that a piece of music comes from God and what comes from Him is always good. Sing with me.








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