The wedding of Mike and Bing started at exactly 4:30 pm at the Notre Damne di Chapelle when all guests were settled down before the procession began with their chosen music, “Down” in slow version then when the bride walked the aisle the song, Angels Brought Me Here” was played. An intimate duo of a pianist and vocalist did the music.

Bishop Famadico officiated the solemn mass in Pilipino but the couple opted the offertory and communion songs in English. And the Lord's Prayer instead of recited was sang in Tagalog by Francisco's version of “Ama Namin” which I consider the best among other versions.

During the pictorial, light Tagalog songs were rendered and the rest were beautiful Pilipino instrumentals familiar to most of us. Piano instrumental has a certain light feel. It seems like a bird hum. It creates solemnity around a chapel like the one in Fernbrook Gardens. Normally, church activities last for more than an hour ready for the wedding reception.

Before program started, hors d' ouevre and drinks were served that lasted for an hour. And when the couple was ready all the members of the entourage except parents and principal sponsors were assembled by the wedding coordinators for the presentation where the members danced to a fast music as introduced. They wholeheartedly shared gaiety to the guests' delight and when Mike and Bing were introduced they did a choreographed dance upon reaching the center floor. It was fun watching the two enjoying the moment. All of us enjoyed the scene that not often done – four different dance styles. Something to beat merging it around for four or five minutes.

The wedding duo of Augustine Music and Events shared light-easy-listening kind of music during dinner. When almost all are halfway done with their dinner a guest performer sang a beautiful rendition of “Faithfully” then followed by her daughter belting a Whitney Huston's song. It added flair to the occasion and another guest sang a classic Tagalog song, “Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Mo” with a lilt and surprise number from a close friend that resembled a novelty piece fun to listen and obviously sent the message to her friend.

To prolong the program, a question and answer trivia game was done with the bride and groom kissing each other when the answer was right and the winners got beautiful gifts. This is one way to involve the guests and it adds a certain flavor to a celebration.

As always, I treasure wedding memories and this is one of them. Weddings are fun to be engaged with even they are almost the same, there is something new that surprises and something to reckon with.







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