An American and Filipina Wedding Affair

Unexpected afternoon rain did not deter the solemn ceremony of an American and Filipina wedding held at San Agustin Church with relatives who flew from the province to witness a special wedding day. The bride looked stunning wearing the bridal gown shipped from Beverly Hills. A distinct class worn by a petite morena beauty personifying elegance.

The songs and music chosen by the couple define their love of music and dedicated wedding musicians of Augustine Music and Events were there to personify what beauty is there for music. An interpretation was evident only great musicians can muster.

The reception commenced around 7pm with that expensive fireworks display despite the evening rain. The fun fare lasted for more than 10 minutes enough to satisfy the curious provencal eyes.

Dinner was served hand-in-hand with music entertainment first by Augustine Music doing the favored songs and music of the groom for he chose most of the wedding music. It was also delightful hearing him sing when they were introduced. He serenaded his wife with an old standard romantic love song that spoke of his true love to a Filipina wife.

As alternate, acoustic trio from the bride's side did some numbers making us feel relaxed as dinner reception was ongoing.

One highlight of the wedding reception was when the groom changed from his tuxedo to a barong and sang a popular Tagalog song. Obviously, he rehearsed the love song. He sang it wonderfully like a Filipino loving his roots. Such a display of special gesture from Derek making Elsa shed a tear.

The wedding of a foreigner and a Filipina amidst the backdrop of seawall at Sofitel with splashes of waves coming from the distant seashore as beautiful music rendered by Philippine musicians made a foreign visitor proud marrying a Filipina.


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