Wedding Planning On An Open Field PhilippineWedding Destination


It was a turnaround of schedule and a relative’s wedding was set for an afternoon outdoor Christian Wedding on an open field overlooking the famous Taal Lake in Tagaytay. This was a first experience where ceremony was held in huge tract of land and just few trees sprouting a distance afar looking like a safari but breathtaking nonetheless.


It was easy for me to manage the guests and activities for the wedding ceremony and reception of about 70 guests mostly coming from the north. Around 3:30 pm when everything was set and ready for the line-up of the bridal entourage for the wedding procession. Exactly 4 pm when we started. There was a solo guitar player who is a close relative of the bride making do with a simple sound system of two speakers but sounded good strumming his classical guitar for the piece Canon in D for the procession and for the bridal march, an original composition was rendered by him. Unfortunately, it crossed my mind to ask for the title.


The music during the wedding ceremony was very tame. It was so romantic just hearing a single instrumentalist doing favorite wedding music list from the couple. Everyone felt awed with solemnity of the affair amidst the soft hush of breeze so cool and invigorating as the couple exchanged their wedding vows with faint guitar sound doing the famous Filipino song, “Ikaw.”


When the ceremony was done, there was a cocktail set for everybody timely to do a little rearrangement of tables and chairs for the reception on the same ground. It was 6 pm when the wedding program started. All center tables were adorned with lighted candles and faint light coming from the distant road adding shiny reflections from the sea stream creating a fantastic scene, to me was the most fascinating reception I have attended. To my dismay, I wasn’t able to capture anything. Their wedding photographer was a relative of the bride and I guess she wasn’t charged like me because the groom is my close relative. The bride is from Cavite and the groom is an Ilocano from the north.


I didn’t have much time for myself because I hosted the wedding reception program and I was alone doing everything from the wedding planning till the wrap-up job. It took me a week for the preparations and everything turned just right with some help from the bride’s relatives.


It was an unforgettable Philippine wedding and I will always treasure the moments with Mr. and Mrs. Edward Pinto who conceptualized a simple budgeted wedding but turned into what we can call a dream wedding. 






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