Bands for weddings that provide live entertainment can either be string quartet or a quartet of different instruments who are passionate musicians enough to comprise a live band for a wedding ceremony and reception with a wedding singer to do some love songs. A list of wedding songs and music must come handy for the couple to choose what suits them and they have their popular song or music choices.


There are no best wedding songs or music because a wedding musician can transform a simple music to heights with a certain technique to bring out the beauty of any musical piece. The bridal march is a bride’s concern and careful choice is made even the processional march where normally the standard processional wedding march is used most often is devised these days. Modern wedding march in instrumental form is accepted and there is no rule to break except that best wedding music is hard to place. Even during the bridal march where a wedding singer sings the favorite love song of the couple is effective but not during the ceremony where church or Christian music and songs are implemented strictly. The choice too, has to be thought about with regards propriety.


Classical music is appropriate during a wedding ceremony, especially if your theme is more of the formal type and your guests come from the higher class who, for sure appreciate. A classical traditional wedding march is dramatic in every corner of a performance and the safest to play but sometimes being different does some trick to click. For a catholic wedding during the offertory, a short offertory song that centers the liturgy is a must and a classical communion wedding song sends a certain feel during the ceremony.


Instrumental music goes with flow as the marriage rites go and even a piano music is lifting as you listen to wedding themes. More so during the wedding vows where a soft background instrumental music is played as the couple exchanges their vows, such a romance in the air, as they say. Well, complimenting the beauty of a piano piece is the violin that adds drama to a music sheet as interpreted. The soft tones make everybody relaxed as the wedding ceremony progresses.


Musicians in the Philippines love being involved with weddings. It is an avenue to showcase a single talent or as a group. Violin music by a solo violinist can make beautiful music but being with the group comprising a string quartet can do the best wedding music ever. Philippine musicians don’t do only Filipino music but more on foreign music that keeps building. Foreign songs and music top the music list – some are forgotten and more remain and imitated and performed most by Filipinos. But the beauty of Philippine music is for the Filipinos remain in their hearts.


Popular songs are vast these days and choosing what is best for a wedding is harder to include for a music list but the old romantic songs and music are easy to find, mostly on the net because they stood the test of time. Their melodies are universal. Their messages are apt for people in love. The tune is eternal.


Wedding songs and music stay forever because they send the right signals to heart and the main intention is to fill the void in one’s soul with a message of love. A love song is forever cherished. And we, as wedding musicians in the Philippines have something to share not only wedding music but all kinds of world music.