The very first thing that caught my awe was the warm accommodation granted by the personnel of Weddings and Beyond during the ingress of suppliers a night prior to the bridal exhibit that began past 9 in the evening. They were distinguishable in their rose color uniforms matching the smiles on their faces that made us comfortable despite the heat felt at the PICC forum. Comparably speaking, the last bridal fair I joined with didn't match a certain character even their name bloats in the air.

Coming in past 10 in the morning, a huge spread of suppliers with resplendent displays made my day. And guests were coming in droves from near and far. Almost all top suppliers were around to show their works of art and expertise to my delight unknowingly that all exhibitors have that gift of creations and vast artistry in any field. Some exhibitors got bigger booths because their extensive materials had to be spread out for guests to appreciate and crave for. More got the ideal sizes for the purpose of being a part of the big affair by Weddings and Beyond.

I had fun handing out my printed materials with genuine smile on my face and able to talk to some guests asking prices for out-of-town-services. Many came from the provinces to explore a wide range of wedding and debut needs. I observed that many will be wed in Tagayatay and others parts of Batangas. Yes, they drove to Manila to discover their needs and they were not dismayed. Everything they wanted was around and for sure they went back home with ease on their minds because they've found what they really wanted and discoveries.

The sad part was exceptional wedding musicians of Augustine Music and Events were not able to showcase their artistry on stage because of previous wedding booking that needed their presence and sadly regretted because Regine of Weddings and Beyond wanted us to perform and if only I had the nerve to perform solo being a vocalist but wanted a back-up musicians to be more effective for such a command performance. Anyway, I enjoyed listening to some but enjoyed the crowd more.

Well, the organizer of the event has other exhibitions in the coming months and I just want to express my delight for that sincere task to help wedding and debut suppliers expand their horizons and I know I can, too. What can I say but the old cliché – CONGRATULATIONS AND MORE POWER!