Wedding management is recalled when a good job is done. It simplifies the idea that knowledge always plays pivotal role in any achievement of event planner holding the banner of acceptance and added list to document no matter the celebration was not that grand compared to lavish ones by the rich and famous.

For us, there is no big or small wedding. A wedding event for us is sacred. We accept a service basing from a real need of help. Sometimes, we hate to discuss the fee but the soon-to-be-bride mentions this off hand and we go with the deal basing for what is fair. And most of the times, charity reigns in our hearts and just enough for the other members to have. The head coordinator always thinks that he is the brother of the groom or she is the bride's sister uncompromising.

Normally, our group consists of four coordinators and one wedding program host who is also on the go making things right for wedding preparations to materialize the best possible way by offering needed helping hand. The members are not there to display holding every now and then their radios and mumbling as if detectives. That is not our game. For us, every moment is precious and try damn hard not to waste any. When you are a wedding planner, you are there on your toes as if you are a family member of the couple. Of course, by then the bride feels the same way.

How to choose people to handle your most special event brings us to cast adjectives about your choice:

  • Sincerity - the bride feels this when she talks to one

  • Approachable - the bride immediately knows upon meeting one

  • Knowledgeable - the bride senses this when they discuss

  • Emphatic - the bride discerns this feeling for sure

  • Bubbly - the bride wants to deal with someone happy

These are only few traits a Wedding Coordinator must have and considered as the most practical way to find out the best person to hire. Beware to the ones who spread their credentials on a broad sheet mentioning so vividly the celebrities they've worked with, the places they've been to, the expensive weddings they've been with.

You are not there to tell your story. You are there to make history. When I say history - an event to mark as something to remember. Special events like weddings are chronicles to live by and treasure as PRECIOUS MEMORIES. One thing sure, a Wedding Architect to put it nicely is the prime mover.