The wedding of Berlini and Maydel was scheduled at 3 p.m. at the chapel of Fernwood Gardens and really started at the scheduled time because all members of the bridal entourage, wedding musicians were there an hour before the ceremony. As coordinators, we were there 1:00 p.m., checked the venue to see that everything was in place and fifteen minutes before the wedding begun, the bridal entourage was assembled.

The procession was kept in order until the end of the ceremony with the capable hand of Carmelita Lupato, head coordinator of Augustine Music and Events until the reception where where everybody was settled before the wedding reception program started. 

A lavish bar was there with much drinks for the guests, beside the sumptuous dinner and enjoyable photo-booth sessions where all guests had their shots taken. 

I hosted the wedding program prepared by the couple. They wanted a simple flow without the father and daughter dance, their first dance and dance of bounty. Even when the guests were done with their dinner, all stayed. They had the grand time mingling with friends and relatives as house music went on.

Wedding planning for us seems effortless because we enjoy the moments with everyone involved with the wedding celebration. Even the wedding musicians shared passionate music as requested doing the very best which is their trademark as remarkable musicians in the Philippines.

We contribute to what is best - wedding music and sincerity for event management.