Wedding musician they say will always hold on as a musician and that stays as a real notion but fear creeps when he reaches a certain point in time where options change. Being exposed to weddings, wedding musicians long for an involvement where music is concerned and when deprived a pain seeps within unnoticed but the sadness in one’s eyes reveal a certain loss. The elder musicians in the Philippines are left backside no matter how great their talents are as compared to foreign musicians from other countries where their talents are given due than their ages.


It is unfair to say, that an older musician is not geared to current music. Wedding music carries variety and pieces called for are numerous and the spread is easily performed given the right score and every music artist when handed a piece can justify the emotion of a certain composition. It doesn’t require you to be young or old to interpret a music score or give color to a wedding song, particularly. Best music is rendered during a wedding ceremony and you can never be called a true musician if you are not engaged with weddings. Wedding musicians in the Philippines are sought after and many gifted ones are left obscured. It’s a pity that such notable performers are not given the chance to express their gifts, but that is reality. Still, expression is eminent on one’s being and maybe sharing in a way is thought of.


Performance is most noticed during a wedding ceremony. Sometimes, the couple is heedless of the right wedding ceremony music or songs and it is the musician’s role to at least, educate the couple to choose the right kind of music for a grand affair like wedding. All music starting from the prelude down to the last cut of the ceremony has to be managed professionally.


The propriety of music is given impetus like choices during the processional march followed by the bridal walk where a meaningful music or romantic song is rendered creating a touch of drama. A meaningful romantic love song or music is acceptable when the bride walks. For sure, any bride longs for a wonderful music as she strides along.


During the marital vows, a soft-background music is carried with all feel of the music to equal the serenity of the scene. This is the most dramatic part of a wedding ceremony and wedding musicians with real hearts for music can carry through. Just that moment makes a wedding celebration at its worth.


Weddings in the Philippines are known for sentiments and revile not the sacredness of marriage as one of the great promises is made to keep until death. They gather around and each guest shares the gaiety that here they are – two people fused together for eternity, as professed.