Now that the couple has arranged everything from scratch, a helping hand is called for and a coordinator is needed if a relative is not around to do the job professionally. It is best if a friend or someone else can offer assistance to curtail some expenses but remember that you can not demand if they do accept. Even if it is easier for them to do so, still the knitty-gritty of wedding details has to be attended and a professional coordinator is a solution.

  • Four coordinators is ideal

  • Two coordinators are assigned to where the couple are to pick necessary materials needed for the ceremony – flowers for the entourage particularly for the principal sponsors. The bridal bouquet is left for the bride for pictorial purposes. The rest of the entourage who are with the couple can have their needed flowers or bouquet. They are going to have pictorials, too and the best shots are having them at hand.

  • An hour and a half, the coordinators must be at the ceremonial ground or at the church to attend to the guests and the bridal entourage. Checking is done at the same time pinning buotonnieres for male entourage and handing the bouquet for the female entourage and the rest who don't have theirs yet.

  • At least an hour before the ceremony, offerings are set and remind those assigned for the offering. This is for a Catholic ceremony. They are grouped near the offertory table.

  • Fifteen minutes before the ceremony, the bridal entourage is assembled

  • Then, procession begins with a coordinator assisting with the march and one or two is assigned near the altar to assist members of the entourage for their seats.

  • Then, the parents of the bride walk until the middle aisle to wait for the bride ready to hand her to the groom waiting near the altar.

  • Ten minutes before the offertory, the ones to offer are lined up at the back.

  • When the ceremony is over coordinators assist for the sequence of the picture taking or do a roll call if nobody is assigned.

  • For the recessional march, entourage and some guests are gathered for some petal throwing and confetti to add gaiety.

  • Then, we gather everything left-off like the veil, cord, the bible, the unity candle, etc.

When the ceremony is over guests proceed to the reception area.Before the grand entrance of the couple, everybody has to be received. If there is a seat plan then it has to be implemented.

  • As guests are ushered in, music is played on either live if there are musicians or house music from the sound system.

  • When everybody is seated, the couple are briefed for their entrance.

  • Principal sponsors and parents are acknowledged then followed by the presentation of the entourage.

  • Then the Grand Entrance with all the flair needed like bubbles, smoke, confetti, flaming swords, etc.

  • The guests are assisted for the souvenir shots with the couple before proceeding to the buffet table.

  • During dinner, guest book is passed on

  • Middle part of the program, souvenirs are handed to some guests.

  • Assist the program host during the bouquet and garter games where single ladies and single guys are needed to participate.

  • Take care of the suppliers' fees, if designated.

  • Take care of the wrap-up job like food left has to be brought home by the couple, all paraphernalias are handed over.

These are the most needed details and following them will make a job well done. The reward of having to be in one place at the same time taking care of all the couple and guests' needs is a good feeling of having done something commendable.