It was an early afternoon wedding with the sun still blazing as they set for the reception around 4 pm. The ceremony would be at 2 pm at the Paco Park Chapel - one special wedding destination. We were around 12 noon timely to set up the sound system amidst a warm early afternoon reception.

The ceremony started at exactly 2 pm and during the bridal march the bride walked from the fountain to the small quaint chapel that speaks of solemnity and simplicity. They had around 120 guests that almost filled the chapel. To add the beauty of the ceremony, we performed their music choices. They opted for a pianist and a vocalist enough to fill the place with clean crisp music fit for an elegantly simple wedding celebration.

The ceremony took for more than an hour with pictorials that went for 15 minutes suffice to have everybody concerned with their photo shoots. There was another wedding to follow that crowded the chapel's entrance preparing for their scheduled wedding.

The couple still had their photo shoots around Paco Park, a beautiful place surrounded with tall old stone walls that remained intact for so many years and one nice tourist spot to boost because of its Hispanic antiquity. The reason why weddings are held there for it offers a romantic feel unmatched.

Not to make the guests weary and restless, around past 4 pm I initiated the start of the celebration for some spiels to let the couple enjoying their photo sessions end the round. And they felt their guests were waiting so the wedding program began.

I noticed, too about the color they chose as their motif was something to think about. A combination of flaming red and sparkling gold add glitter for the afternoon affair. It added vibrancy and the guests had their laughs and smiling demeanor as they went about their early dinner.

The thing that made me remember their wedding was the kindness they shared and appreciation given to us performers. This was more than a bonus for the experience shared with genuine people remains.