A point in life where two people decide to fulfill their hearts' desire and join as one is the paramount act of deciding a new chapter in life called marriage. This is a test of another travail to be shouldered not only by one person but two. Now the challenge is stronger like the wedding song simply states that a love affair is forever to remember

A wedding affair happened at The Pavillon of Oasis – A Christian Wedding of two people who are honestly in love with each other and after a year of doubts and fears are finally safe in a shelter of enlightenment. No more fear or doubts for they passed the test of time and here they are in God's blessing.

It was an afternoon Christian Affair with more than a hundred guest sincerely joining the blessed ceremony as Migz and Rhedz as fondly called exchanged vows with ardent pronouncement of their hearts' content for this very day – their special day. Their friends, relative and especially their parents ardently wished them the best. That's the safest way to say but I observed that everybody were relaxed in their thoughts. They were not there not just to partake the sumptous meal prepared but their presence spell magic for the couple. A very special gesture of participation enough to call the affair grand.

Beautiful music was shared by Augustine Music as chosen by the couple that reflects a part of their soul and it is palpable from their choices. Music gave them a certain explanation of what life is.

How beautiful was the start of it all as music began with giving thanks to the Lord when “Give Thanks” was performed then another Christian music followed when procession begins. The song “How Beautiful” speaks of the beauty of love as a universal feeling. Then another music was used during a part of the ritual, the very popular “I Will Be Here”, a hymn to the Lord. And ending the ceremony with the pop hit, “A Moment Like This”. Such a glorious ceremony and everybody was enthralled.

The reception began after some minutes when things around were redone and it went very well because everybody who were part of the celebration were honest with intentions to add gaiety. The flavor of making the affair something to cherish by the couple who are truly in love – deep love as I observed from both.

The happiness we shared to the newlyweds was enough to keep us peace. And to end my scribble is the famous jargon – CONGRATULATIONS!