I received an email from a future bride opting to sing as she walks the aisle. He stumbled upon one of our posted videos in youtube and fascinated to do the same. He asked me to send her a record and she'll be using her voice for the bridal march at St. James The Great Church in Alabang.

Doing this is a special gesture and dramatic because not everybody is aware that the bride will sing as she walks the aisle. But a better word to describe this is – TOUCHING MOMENT. Not all brides are brave enough to do this feat even if they have good voices. Maybe, their emotions will overrule and things might not get right. But as I said this will create a big moment for her wedding.

A special song is needed close to the couple's heart and it is a form of dedication – a gesture of reminding each other their sincere love that never ends.

If I have the right to speak, I think proper choice has to be made. Not all songs give an impact for a ceremony like weddings. The best choices are still the lyrical types. The melody has to be haunting and most of all flowing especially during the ceremony where careful choices are a must to create a solemn one which the couple wants it to be.

Still, the brides decides and thinks what's best.

What happens when there is no music as the ceremony goes or most of all when the bride walks down the aisle?