Best performances are made when people around are in their focused state like during a funeral mass where silence is evident and parts for words and music stand out. Funeral music reflects reverence not only the music choice but the controlled delivery same with the words said for the deceased.  It is the time to express the real essence what a song is performed with intense feeling and sincerely sharing the beauty and meaning of a song.


I had the privilege to sing for a funeral mass and doing so made me feel how important sharing during this moment of bereavement. I was there not show how good I am. I was there sharing sentiments of the highest order and just in that moment could lead you to really what is right at that particular stance without someone telling you or directing you what is proper. You are there like a member of the family among the intimate gathering of mostly relatives and close friends. And sharing special song relating to the occasion is added drama to life and a milestone being an artist in the true sense of the word.


There is no hush during bereavement. Even the photographers and video man where in just one corner never moving here and there like during weddings and capturing only special moments to avoid the flashes now and then. There are not much color around except for more of the whites and blacks as an indication of respect. Well, a sort of controlled intensity but the beauty of it all is once in awhile we have to be around where drama is a part of life to be involved with.


I can say that the few hours I was with the bereaved family doing my share is a reflection that every moment in one’s life indicates no certainty and doing, thinking and helping in a way are the best things to do while on earth. If you don’t have much money to afford sharing, maybe talents voluntarily shared serve as an alternative without asking something in return but if it gives and insisted, feel free to accept.


Here, time comes so fast and ready for grasp

Where certainty reels like tough task

Whispering in silence not asked

Come to me and live another life that last

As substitute for eternal presence at dusk

For death is another feat to trust