This is Mario Lupato from Augustine Music and Events sending a message to Gil Petilos who helped us when we had a mishap in Tagaytay Highlands that happened on June 10, 2012 on way for the DeLeon-Maniquiz Wedding at Madre de Dios.

From our grateful hearts we want to thank you together with the security people who sincerely extended great assistance without expecting anything in return. I can't end thanking them and we know God will reward such goodness.

Also, we want to thank Jackie and her companion at the Information Desk who felt our need for help and went far for us to be assisted. 

Also, the security personnel in motorcycle (sorry I wasn't able to get his name.) He is an Ilocano from Pangasinan who stayed with us until help was given. He also called someone to drive our van because I was in trauma and I refused to drive. He drove us with such skill knowing perfectly roads of Tagaytay Highlands to gate 1 where we were safe with the Ilocano security personnel behind us seeing that all was safe for us. What kindness from people.

We will never forget you, guys. And you will always be in our prayers. I know the Lord will repay such goodness. 

Once again, from the deepest of our hearts, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Much sincerity,
Mario Lupato, Ranel Ramos, Iric Paner and Marvin Rimando