Light festive songs have their certain flavor when performed for any event, especially weddings where guests are many and entertainment is gauge to fit their tastes. But that is hard and performing safe is a solution by doing standard songs and music that ring bells to their ears.


Light festive music or songs still are favorites. The lilting sound and easy beats create a certain feel in the air as the guests are having dinner or having casual talk with one another. No event for that matter will not include some sound during the affair or in any place where festivity reigns. There is music or songs played as the party goes.


Even formal affair does not restrict the kind of music played but the style of performing a piece is maintained. No noise, please by singing so loud or banging the keyboard to your delight. Controlled performance is a must to gain appreciation and accolade. We are not in an open field to rock the boat. We are in a formal gathering with chosen guests gracing the affair.


And chosen program fits the flow with background music adding sentiments as it progresses and when the program is over I think this is the time to party by having dance music and now the time to untangle hair and loosen buttons a bit.


Sometimes, you can determine the personality of a person by the music he or she listens to. Relaxed people choose the melodic tunes of a love song. Confused people like the noisy tunes  like rock and the romantic at heart likes  cool music with those easy beats. Obviously, the refined ones love classical music. Well, these are obvious and a nice way to know what fits you, too.