The wedding was scheduled for 4 pm but ceremony began at 4:30 in Fernbrook Gardens Chapel – Notre Damne Di Chapelle amidst a lush fresh decors adorning the quaint place mesmerizing romance. It was a marriage of two different cultures that of a Chinese and Pilipino but observing the parents, relative and friends they were of equal foot in breeding and perhaps in wealth. The Hsu-Manabat Nuptials was one big affair.

The guests were dressed to the T and their fortune showed by the way they act and speak. In short – BREEDING. It really showed magnificently and you could smell good life. I've been to numerous weddings and this one is different. All right, the program was long but most stayed. They live nearby, maybe and considering it is a bit far from the metro. You can reach the place either with your own transport or a taxi and the haven is quite exclusive.

The moment you step on the covered area reveals a certain drama. A French Dressed Woman with a tall white bred dog is reminescent of Irma La Duce but something of the higher class. The dog and the woman reflects the motif of the place. It is a toast of French and Italian but more of the elegance mirrored specially standing amidst the tall fountain of endless flow. And most color you see around is gold.

Well, we were there to provide what passion is to us – performing beautiful music mostly requested by the couple. Their music list was good. They have varied tastes when it comes to this juncture but still best music stands and that gives us edge because we love to perform them. What we have in mind always is to give what they really need. Their good music choice counts and we are there to perform the best we can even we've been tired from a travail to and fro. The only thing matters is we made them happy and their guests enjoyed our presence.

This is a bit telling of the affair of the Hsu-Manabat Wedding because this one party was obviously prepared. Every bit and pieces of activities were measured to exact their expectations but as the saying goes, “there will never be a perfect wedding.” But this one is almost.