The beauty of performance is called when proper music is opted and that depends what a couple really feels when it comes to music for their wedding. The younger couple getting married choice of music centers more to the romantic older classics familiar to them while the elder couple more often wants the newer songs mostly revival. Revivals are in. The new song mostly aired are revivals. The old standard classics are given certain touch through a performance but church music has to be considered differently. Always safe to perform church music hymnal with reverence. Hymns are the upper class music and they are appropriate for special wedding events.

Still, popular church songs are requested more. There are not much choice for Catholic weddings because there is a certain standard when it comes to liturgical pieces and church authorities maintain it that way and it is not safe to contradict their beliefs. Anyway, best choices are put into their music archives.

Lead Me Lord” by Neal Morse still tops the list as one of the favorites for soon-to-be couple. It is vastly popular even for Christian marriages and for churchgoers. The beauty of the song is its universal message and easy beats. You can perform it free style but don't forget the reverence put across. If you sing just to fulfill an obligation, this is not the song for you. When you sing always think the message it imparts and for sure you have done a kind of share of what music and singing is all about.

One Hand, One Heart” taken from the broadway musical West Side Story has been touted as the most inspirational wedding song and is widely used as an Offertory Song for Catholics and Christians. The message is pure love. That love encompasses life and death. That there is love even death. If you listen to this song, it tells all the meaning of the word LOVE. The melody is entirely lyrical and the beauty of the song endears after hearing it the first time. This is one of the most recommended wedding song ever.

Not much telling and if you feel like listening to versions of the song, the internet offers hugely. Just feel free to select what best for you. You alone can differentiate euphonically.

Well, this a bit of information sharing and as internet user the joy of imparting what I feel and observed right is a natural expression from an artist.