The fact remains these days that creating videos and posting them online cruised into a giant leap. It is more favored now as the better promotional tool. Although blogging still has its place in the net more searchers look for the easier and shorter way to get information. Also favored because its faster to create a video than writing a treatise that eats more time than creating a 2 to 3 minutes video clip. I, for one lean towards the better route through videos. Its simpler to grasp. And for most of us know that simplicity is power.

But quality has to be taken into more consideration because what is sharing for but honest involvement out of your knowledge store. It is not easy to fool people now. They know what is pretentious article or blog or an amateur video. Its fun creating a video and clearer one or anything HD is considered professional if the material you present has value and done the right way. There is no strict rule in creation but your artistry stands out. It always become evident no matter what you try to conceal out of your masterpiece as you regard it to be.

Sometimes during my spare moments I create a video related to what we do – MUSIC and SPECIAL EVENTS. I have to be honest that I do create for promotional purposes but I always think of doing this to share what it needs sharing. I create not to announce to the world that I am very good creator but I do create to inform. I create to share needed knowledge. I create for comparison. I create to add beauty to the net. I simply create to share for what is internet for but sharing.

Considering both a video and a blog, the best combination of these two is put to test by having your video with notes about what you are trying to impart. Two or three paragraphs would suffice and it adds power to your video. It is a very good combination and instructional in a nutshell.

So, I hope this small information can remind you somehow. It is straight to the point without my usual jargons because when I write I intend to inform the best way I can.