That was a Saturday of January 23, 2011 where a special corporate event was scheduled in honor of the top achievers of the company for 2010. Our role – Augustine Music Ensemble was to provide special music to highlight some parts of the corporate program prepared by Mr. Bonifacio Isidro who organized the big affair where guests, participants and awardees were gathered to join the festivities.

Our call time was 11am and when we arrived almost all were gathered familiarizing their parts and positioning themselves for the presentation. We hardly squeezed ourselves to enter the grand ballroom of Hotel Intercontinental. We knew that our parts were far in between but that was their agenda of the day and abide by it. The start of the big affair was scheduled for 12:30 pm and nobody was allowed to enter yet except us who will prepare our instruments because the first part of the program was the presentation of the awardees marching on with our music. And there were many of them.

We prepared five music scores fit for their march and before we played we let the organizer approve them first to match his taste and he liked them. Then the march began with our majestic music floating on the hall matching the gallantry of their entrance. It took around 20 minutes before all the awardees were received.

Before the meal was served, they did raffles with many prices at hand and heard that the grand raffle prize was hundred thousand pesos – that big. How we wished we were given raffle stabs but those were only for guests, employees, markeeters and awardees. The raffle box was indeed full with green stabs symbolizing prosperity which is the aim of the company to provide the better things in life for those involve with Philkraft.

As they were having their sumptuous meal, Augustine Music provided timeless classics to the ease of everybody. After 30 minutes of playing the next segment was some words for executives of the company in preparation for the diamond awards for deserving ones.

The diamond awarding ceremony started with appropriate music, “Diamonds Are Forever” playing it majestically with a touch of drama felt. The music fantastically matched their theme and we were glad we did our part by sharing the best we can for any affair called for.

Still, that portion of the program was not the culmination of it all. They had other activities lined up with a jazz band after us and a little later at night they had dancing to their hearts' delight for it was a GRAND AFFAIR for such a huge company like Philkraft.