The wedding of Roland and Khristine started at exactly 3:30 pm in Mary The Queen Parish Church with relatives, friends and guests some came from Chicago to grace the affair. This was a special wedding event with solemn ceremony matching well-chosen church music with the reverence.

Before the wedding ceremony began, the expertise of THE AUGUSTINE MUSIC AND EVENTS helping hand created a certain order making things right and the coordinators were there sincerely to help – to make a wedding worth cherishing. Helping out to add wonder to the event was the presence of the Augustine Music Quartet, Philippine Wedding Musicians matching the wedding theme with flair. Of course, the event planning was first handled by the couple and delegated their preparations to competent wedding coordinators with palpable sincerity.

The marriage ceremony was done nearly 5:00 pm and timely to rush for a scheduled 5:30 pm wedding reception held at the Pavillon of Oasis. And nearly 5:30 pm almost all were there and the wedding coordinators did took care of the seat plan prepared by the couple with order. Everybody were seated properly before the wedding reception program ensued. Everybody were settled and the program host started his first spiel by acknowledging the presence of the parents and principal witnesses then the rest of the bridal entourage who were presented with their partners and also the little angels took part by marching on before the GRAND ENTRANCE. As the couple marched to their seats everybody stood grabbing their napkins and twirled them on the air as a gesture of greeting. Gaiety became evident as they did their entrance.

Well, as you all are aware the rest of the wedding program includes the wedding traditions, pictorials with the guests before proceeding to the banquet table, the audio- visual presentation, the involvement with some special people for some words for the couple – the normal message portion where well wishers say what they feel for the couple, the ceremonial toast by the best man, then the father and daughter dance adding drama to the event before the bride is handed to the groom for the traditional dance where music is chosen by the couple and the climax of the program are games for both single ladies and guys finding partners – next groom and bride to be in the future. This is a part of the wedding reception program where fun is the utmost concern and devising a game to involve the guests, too adds flavor to the celebration.

The traditional dance of Roland and Khristine Torres was something unique and touching. As Roland was dancing with Khristine he rendered a soulful song, “Hanggang” doing it with expression and really something to remember by. He felt his song for his wife. He meant it. The guests were enthralled by this special gesture. The guests were mesmerized. The guests felt romance.

As the song goes, “our love affair is a wondrous thing, that will rejoice in remembering.”