As I was observing before the ceremony began, it appeared that Koreans behave like Pinoys. They were not pretentious and a bit noisy like us. The Chinese guests seemed more of the reserved type and they look like Koreans. Everybody were dressed tastefully. The female principal witnesses were dressed in maroon gown and others in light royal blue looking like Imperial Queens. Their counterparts – male principal sponsors and almost all male guests were in coat.

Before the ceremony began, we played a classical prelude. All their music choices were classical. Even the processional and bridal march was something different – NELLA FANTASIA. The bride strictly wanted the piece to be performed into its entirety and we did as requested.

The ceremony is the same with the rest of the christian weddings we've been to. The officiating minister did all the talking and wanted no background music during the exchange of vows supposedly to add romance as vows done. When the ceremony was over it was our turn to play during the photo sessions and did all classical masterpieces. Even the music for their recessional was majestic.

Well, after the ceremony which was ended at around 6 pm, we waited until 8 pm for the reception program to start. The air conditioning of The Crowne plaza was freezing. Really that cold inside. They occupied ballrooms D C and E. housing around 250 guests, if my count serve me right but that much or more.

We loved performing the heavy classics once again and not all want classical music but being passionate about music that was the chance to showcase an expertise. We knew the guests enjoyed our performances especially the Koreans. They are indeed romantic people. It seemed delight was sketched on their faces as timeless classics were played.

The affair seemed a bit long and we stayed until the program ended but it was a wonderful experience sharing moments with people of different cultures.