The father was obviously keyed up about his daughter's wedding just few days more and preparations were done mostly by him with the presence of the future bride and equally edgy mother. They had made the major preparations and opted to add pizazz for the big day by engaging with wedding musicians.

The father of the future bride decided to get us from comparisons made and a week after, the lovely daughter forwarded me the music list closes to their hearts and some were not familiar to us so we did the usual searching of pieces but failed. Good Youtube provides the avenue for musicians or artists to learn the melody for possible delivery of their chosen songs.

The day of the wedding rolled up. I left the house three hours prior to the wedding because traffic is terrible during Saturdays along Edsa. Much to my alarm, it was the worst traffic I encountered. I immediately called my pianist to help me in case I would be late by asking the church singer to take over, if late. I felt appeased that it was possible.

I reached the church in Sucat just in time for the Offertory to sing their requested wedding song. And I felt better.

After the ceremony, another travel time for the reception at Leslie's, a stone walled restaurant with antique woods flourishing the place. A distinctive wedding reception venue, I can say.

The program started a bit late just to gather all guests before commencing. It was a wonderful wedding to start with. Not much flair of a program but the music from Augustine Music and Events did their sincere share of making the event a marvel and some guests with their wonderful renditions of the couple's favorite songs. It completed the night. Even the bride did a wonderful song for her love one and for the guests. She was brave enough to sing a difficult song with our accompaniment.

To end casually, Godspeed for the couple!