As part of helping those who really need help when asked like a lady who happened to see my website and thinking that we do everything for weddings I honestly listened. Her concern was about renting gowns for the entourage and honestly said that she was in a tight budget. She was also opting to rent a gown for herself. I listened as she recounted her needs and felt her sincerity.

Being into weddings for quite sometime I know the ins and outs of the arena we are in. I told her that almost all who make dresses for weddings get their materials in Divisoria because it is really economical and quality remains. I have friends who get refuge there and earn because they have all what they need. What counts is your artistry how to make things exceptional. Also, I have to confess that our very first coordination was a full one. So, we have to attend to everything because the bride and groom to be were far away from us. And they wanted rented gowns for the entourage and we sought for and problem was solved just like that. We got the sizes, color and style and the designer was very unselfish bringing the gowns to our place and invited the members of the entourage for fitting. All fitted and let them have theirs. Simple as that.

I didn’t tell her about this but suggested that she has to let a relative scout for her. By the way, she is abroad. I told her that a gown must be made for her. I mentioned also that the very good designers are found in Divisoria having their shops there. And very accessible for them to create a work of art like a dream piece for her. Even my niece had her gown made by one of the unknown designers of Divisoria and it turned out looking like a million dollar design. That very simple conversation enlightened her and as she said her thanks I sensed her relief.

Of course, we are here to listen and do what we can and only what we know and did as a special gesture of sharing.