A wedding reception in a secluded place in San Pedro, Batangas was a beautiful experience being a wedding emcee where the honor was granted me to host. A small guest list of 52 came but the festivity was such delight that I forgot the time has passed fast. It was a 25th wedding anniversary where chosen music was played through the sound system that was reminiscent of few years back but really amazing hearing a bundle of songs and music amidst a huge farm of coconut and mango trees all around. 

The wedding program was simply laid with more of messages and some games with expensive gifts for the winners. We also chose wedding partners in the future and who knows they might be destined. Time will tell but what caught my awe was the message from the eldest of the guests who spoke so calmly with pure words of wisdom felt sincerely by all. It was short but crisp with all the meanings in every word she uttered. She has that gift of gab. I know because it is my field where I am involved with.   

Garth and Darly will be leaving for the states a week after. They had few days left to explore the beauty of some places here and the last visit they will do, I heard is in Vigan, Ilocos Sur where Darly was born and raised. Supposedly, their wedding ceremony was planned for Vigan Church but a close friend of the groom begged for both to do a wedding ceremony nearby and wedding reception at a secret farm in San Pedro, Batangas. For sure, they will be there. 

I want to voice out that weddings in the Philippines are commonly prepared not like others abroad but doing it in a unique place unheard of is something that can etched into memory the difference of banality. Still, I am proud doing Filipino Weddings and a wedding program devised by the couple for everybody to enjoy.