It was a Catholic wedding done outdoor and heard that the officiating priest was given permission to do it in a garden. It seems like a civil wedding but complete with the processional march, bridal march, marriage vows and a combination of Catholic and Christian music and the usual declaraion of marriage done in a Christian way.


The wedding ceremony was a touching one with careful choices of words delivered by the priest, meaningful and felt by the couple and both relatives of the groom and the bride. It was an intimate celebration of about hundred guests with close friends and some Americans who came far to grace such a momentous affair.


Music list for both ceremony and reception was delivered by members of Augustine Music and Events doing the requested music of the couple like Runaway during the processional march and From This Moment for the bridal march. They were so wonderful to watch and really happy being together. The groom has that silent charm and palpable breeding and the young bride exudes that childish demeanor and fun-loving nature.


Being the program host for the prepared wedding reception program, I followed it to the T and had fun doing so. I enjoyed the part where the couple wanted to involve some guests and opted for a trivia game where the first ones to hand me the thing asked, the winner got special token from the couple. I did three of those. Also, when I asked the groom to dance a sexy dance proceeding to the bride for the garter removal and he did. I also enjoyed the moment with the chosen luckiest lady from the game and being an American, she obliged to everything I asked her to do. Such fun. It was a casual program flow and intended doing it for mere fun.


The best part of it all is that nobody left until the program was done. There was an open bar and most guests got their drinks. It was open, so they kept asking for more and I had four Sangria drink and Orange Raspberry. It perked me in some manner but made me up to my toes.


The good thing about wedding receptions is the meeting of old and new friends, of course not discounting the presence of mostly relatives from far and near joining the wonderful bash and enjoying the moment with the newlyweds.


For me, performing for a wedding seems therapy. It erases boredom temporarily and merely sharing joy during the wedding ceremony and reception with wedding music and songs is enough to say that we are dedicated performers.