I came across an article mentioning that Internet is God and I was intrigued upon that bold statement and in response, this is my claim. I can say my honest disclosure.

Everything that is good comes from God and disputing this is likened to a devil trying to confuse the rest but still good triumphs over bad. That God is everywhere like the ether is to the internet. It's difficult to explain existence but there you are enjoying what is shared asking not how it is given. You just accept because it is good for you.

The internet opened the greatest evolution of sharing, sharing what is possible and the impossible to think about. Well, inventions come from God – all knowledge therein and if you dig into explanations you'll end up to the dark. Still, the internet is the greatest invention of all time.

Be happy people for all burdens from tasks are diminished and everybody now is aware of the great help afforded from it. Almost all are accessed to your mind's delight and ease. It is giving you more time to indulge on other things for luxury of time exceeds.

Just the touch of your finger brings you the whole world. The world wide web opens for your eyes to feast sometimes reminding oneself that there is really a God. You are now beginning to realize that there are people who are willing to share in manner that fits from the orbits of mind.

Others claim that the internet is a work of the devil and disguised as sign of doom. How can they say doom when in fact they get their false belief from writings of pretenders. Everything can be written about because it comes from the mind. It comes from what someone believes and shares it that befits honesty as accorded. When someone puts something in paper begins the workings of the mind. As they say, mind is God. Confusing, isn't it? But here we are creatures of different level of understanding that makes a colorful intervention.

If thinking on the brighter side brings light then nothing puzzles you. Knowledge is power and it comes from collective information. Diverse it may seem but contributes to challenge the mind to exit to what is right and good. And if it is good, it is from ABOVE.

As this is written, it seems philosophical but that stays. What you are receiving right now out from the internet – world wide web is God's power. Collective information brings about the greatest power on earth and handed upon us as the greatest gift. From there we start to build our own force. From there added flavor to life becomes evident. From there we know that love exists amongst the many.

But the greatest of them all is that SHARING is now defined clearly.