The wedding at Christ The King and reception at the Tivoli Royale was ably planned by wedding coordinators of Augustine Music and Events with the participation of outstanding wedding musicians of Philippines making the event worth remembering.


All activities at the church were managed by the wedding planners, attending, too to some guests need assisting and made sure that everything run the smoothest. When the ceremony was done, two planners were assigned to attend for the seating arrangements  with another coordinator assisting guests were their tables were. Their were 250 guest  to managed and with proper handling, the show was run right.


I hosted the wedding program with the wedding coordinators guiding me all the way to make my rituals follow the way the couple wanted to happen – glasses with wine were ready when the ceremonial toast was about to happen,  guests per table were assisted for the pictorial with the couple before going to the banquet table, single ladies and single guys were gathered for the game where next groom and bride in the future were chosen.


The tandem of the coordinators and musicians of Augustine Music and Events create an event, we can say will be remembered because we see to it that our services are ably performed at par by dedicated wedding coordinators and planners with Philippine musicians who always stand out because of their passion for music.