It was awesome to be involved with an affair prepared by the children to put up a remarkable bash celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary of their parents. A golden wedding is a feat to reach and the best has to be offered for the celebrants.


The wedding songs and music selected by the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lucena speaks of their taste in music. The old standard songs and music still top the wedding music choice list and many longs for the forgotten songs of the past to be heard once again because their unique melodies are felt from the hearts. It is during a golden wedding where romantic music lingers in the air. You can feel what the song or music is telling you especially if wedding musicians come to play and musicians in the Philippines are passionate when it comes to the old classics. It is also the reason why Filipino music is one of the best in the world. Everybody loves music from the Philippines.


The wedding ceremony where the couple renewed their vows is a chapel near the middle of the vast Veteran Memorial Hospital where it sits. It is a small circular chapel ideal for an intimate number of people for a mass celebration and far from noise from the busy street nearby. It is cozy, too because it is an open kind of chapel where air passes through and lots of light making scenes photographic.


Before ceremony began, the Augustine Music performed touching wedding prelude music that captivated the guests around with the solemn rendition of the light classical music which is familiar to many and after the prelude music provided by the wedding musicians, an old beautiful romantic song was rendered for the bridal march timely done even the center aisle is that short for the couple walked slowly to relish the special moment. There was the church choir to do the rest of the wedding songs and music and proceeded to the wedding reception venue where we will manage our instruments to be used as the guests arrived after the wedding ceremony.


It was nearly twelve noon when the guests arrived with reception music the moment guests arrived in droves and to cope up with the time, program started when almost all were in as suggested and let everybody come in from the photo booth section to start the first part of the wedding reception program.


I hosted the golden wedding program and enjoyed the moment with the children with their husbands and wives who did fantastic tribute by singing very relating wedding songs for a golden wedding. Even the grandchildren spiced the bash with their special dance number with the music from the thriller of Michael Jackson. The wedding program was prepared by the children and followed the program flow as it was with some insertions were needed.


The wedding musicians enjoyed their time playing beautiful wedding songs and music which are easy to listen to and observed that the couple were very intent when one of their favorite songs were performed like “Stardust” and “Smile”. And even the guests kept humming as they heard those old familiar music played by the Augustine Music.


A golden wedding is best to be engaged with when it comes to intimacy with the wedding program and wedding music. These are two areas where hearts are called to effectively relish the importance of a celebration with such wonderful contributions. A wedding program host or emcee either makes or breaks the affair and wedding musicians’ share with that splendid list of wedding songs and music add glitter to the party.


Once again, I am so glad having given the opportunity to host and sing for a remarkable golden wedding and my very share is, at least made the wedding day as expected.