It was a casual wedding celebration with the children doing the rounds that day of August 6 to set a wedding reception party out of the celebrants wish for an orderly event. The guests from far and near came to join the festivity for after 50 years here they were to renew their unending vow of love.


Joeben and Babie, as they are fondly called arrived on time for the 5pm golden wedding mass officiated by two priests from Sanctuario de San Jose though the rite was held at a clubhouse intimate enough to house around 150 guests mostly friends and of course, members of the family with their kids.


Wedding musicians from Augustine Music and Events provided the chosen wedding music the couple found appropriate with a participation of the grandchildren playing the bridal march and a song from a mother and daughter tandem during the vows where they did first the song number then vows were exchanged. It was a touching moment listening to the wonderful and meaningful words from both with soft romantic background music live from Augustine Music.


During the offertory, a classic wedding song was offered then for the communion a classical piece was rendered touching the hearts of both for they love those selections.


When the wedding ceremony was done, a cocktail was prepared for the guests as rearrangement of the venue took place. It took about 30 minutes to finish ready for the wedding reception program prepared by the eldest of the children. It was a simple program with mostly the children and kids doing numbers to the guests’ delight. Well, a program more of showcasing talents and entertainment was evident. It was fun to be involved with even just watching as they did their numbers. Even the audio-visual presentation took longer than expected then repeated for the couple to watch after they had their photo sessions with the guests. And come to think of it that they were the ones moving from table-to-table having pictorials with the guests being at their 80’s but looking years younger than their ages. Their agility simply dictates that they live a healthy lifestyle.


Then rain poured heavily timely for the program to end but it did not take that long ready for the guests to go home with light feelings because they had wonderful moments with the couple on their 50th wedding golden anniversary party.


Perfection is not required for any celebration but the simple joy being around is called for and weddings in the Philippines are most cherished not on its romanticism but the sheer involvement making an affair worth remembering. Being in the arena of music, wedding musicians of the Philippines add soul to WEDDINGS. And for us, artists that is great sharing and if we made clients happy – that is defined as achievement.