From an article I’ve written about a lesbian wedding, I was found and asked to host wedding program of a gay marriage that of a Filipino and a British. They are private persons and I won’t mention their names but only my wonderful experience of a very private wedding ceremony and reception in Tagaytay. Private because there were only 50 guests mostly friends from both sides. If my guest is right, I think they are of the same ages turning forty.


It was a brief Christian Wedding Ceremony having their personal wedding vows exchanged. There was no music background during the ceremony and mostly words of wisdom from the pastor. It took them 30 minutes to finish.


The wedding reception started exactly at 6 pm and after they were introduced proceeded to the dance floor and did the traditional first dance to the music of “now and forever.”  And after that brief moment I let them do the wedding traditions of cutting the cake, wedding toast and dove release.


Before dinner, some acknowledgement was made and a fervent prayer was done by the pastor. Popular mp3 music was provided during dinner and a song from a friend was rendered followed by another doing a classic Filipino song to the guests’ delight.


One of the touching moments of the wedding reception was during the ceremonial toast where a best friend delivered a love poem for both with that sincere British accent. He made that for both and I find it fascinating. Wedding poetry is now becoming an in thing.


They opted not to do the traditional wedding game but introduced two male young couple who are also planning to tie knot as the men of the hour. A romantic song was played and the pairs danced, instead. I found it so touching and thought that love really spreads good tidings.


A message of thanks were said by both and after their sincere words for all of us, a dance party started that lasted for more than an hour straight.


A simple wedding reception program was prepared but to me this is one of the best weddings I’ve attended – no pretentions, no malice and most of all, another exciting Philippine wedding destination experience.