He started at the age of 17 when he joined the newly formed Augustine Music and Events where he was the operator of the sound system of the group doing party music for the wedding reception. He did this for keeps not knowing that this is the hollow ground where passion starts. He did this with little remuneration but in the course of time, he began to enjoy being a DJ.

Being young and bubbly, he favored the music of the time where hip hop and the likes ruled not knowing that ballroom music will always be there to stay. So, he developed the liking of ballroom music and was an in thing then. As he went on, Jeff, as he is called, pursued other music genre to include on his repertoire of vast music collections.

A break was given him when he was asked to play house music at Nepomuceno’s Bowling Alley, Eastwood, Pasig City. Then, given a slot and began to enjoy his stint there where he met friends and contacts who liked his brand of music. Some offers started from there but remained longer at the alley because he enjoyed the place, for sure. Well, I think anyone wants a certain lift to his standing and when he was asked to do guestings in weddings and other venues, restaurants, inns needing a DJ, he did the part. He was also asked by SM for some engagements and he accepted. Also, in Mindanao where he was asked to do music for a certain affair and did for two trips.

Still, he is loyal to Insomnia where is one of the resident DJ’s there sacrificing the morning schedules given him. I didn’t know then that people go partying at around 3 in the morning until 6 am. But it is happening doesn’t it?

To some of his friends, he is fondly called, Jeff Almighty “Woop Woop”.

By the way, he was also asked to audition for the DJ Pioneer Competition and elimination process is ongoing. Today, they will be having photo shoots as part of the process and the finalist will represent the Philippines for the DJ Ultimate Pioneer Competition.

Now, that he is a father of two in his late twenties, his passion being a DJ remains

Congratulation! DJ Jeff The Almighty.